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Is It OK to Break Up Over Text? When Is It Okay and When Is It Not

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You’ve definitely heard romantic horror stories about people who didn’t know their relationship was about to get a pink slip.

One day they start moving on with their lives, but not wisely, BAM!

They receive a goodbye text message from their partner.

It’s not even an urban legend.

This happens all the time.

And today, we’re going to break down what’s good, bad, and ugly about text splitting.

When is splitting on text acceptable and when is it not?

We have the answers you’re looking for, so let’s dive in.

Is it rude to break up over text?

Generally speaking, yes, breaking up over text is disrespectful. It may be convenient, but it’s incredibly painful.

Using digital messages to end a relationship can make your ex-partner feel:

  • despised
  • get hurt
  • worthless
  • humiliating
  • Messed up

You may be disillusioned with the relationship and your partner was the party that did something wrong.

Moreover, it takes away the closure of you and others.

Why do people divide over texts?

Why do some people turn to texts to end relationships?

Every situation is unique, but some scenarios are common. Let’s see.

1. I don’t want to deal with reactions

Some people have good reasons to end relationships electronically, but there are many more who don’t.

Quite frankly, it’s cowardly.

2. Fear Confrontation

Fear of conflict is a real psychological problem, and many people cite it as a reason for bad breakups.

Sure, some people have bad cases related to genuine trauma. But more often than not, it’s just an excuse to avoid liability.

3. Don’t Take Relationships Seriously

How do you act when you really don’t care about something or someone?

So if one party doesn’t look like the other, meanness instincts can get the upper hand and text messages can break up.


Long distance logistics is another reason people choose to split by text. Context is very important in situations like this. Texting can be the best and most economical way to communicate.

But they are rare. After all, you can easily join Facetime and video chat as well.

Is it okay to break up over text? When not to and when it’s acceptable

As a general rule of thumb, if it is physically impossible to do it in person, or if there is a real threat of abuse, a text breakup is acceptable.

When do you say goodbye over text?

Is it bad to break up over text? In many cases, yes.

However, some scenarios require digital isolation. Let’s examine them.

1. Possibility of Abuse

Abuse will never be tolerated. If you’re reasonably afraid that a personal breakup will lead to unacceptable physical or verbal confrontation, stay safe and text the news.

2. Haven’t dated for a long time

Is the situation new? Did you only go on dates 3-5 times? If so, breaking up over text is acceptable – if you’re not close!

In the grand scheme of things, we hardly know each other at that point.

3. I discovered something inexcusable

You should always be skeptical of anything you read in this content-saturated age, and accepting gossip as fact has always been a bad move. sometimes.

Man looking at phone outside is it ok to break up over text

If this happens and the person you thought you knew isn’t who they say you are, you can say goodbye over text.

4. People who don’t listen

Do you know that the person you’re breaking up with won’t listen and react badly? If so, it might be best to do the deed electronically, but only occasionally.

But by nature the breakup is messy and the brilliant tact is to face the music head on.

In other words, don’t use this reason as an excuse.

5. Tried

This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to break up with that person, and the relationship is hanging on a broken thread.

Both know the end is here. Now it’s just a matter of someone driving the final nail into the coffin of the relationship. Besides, you’re likely disrespecting each other at this point, so breaking up on text is mutually beneficial.

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When is it bad to break up over text?

As we’ve mentioned several times, in most cases it doesn’t look good to break up over text after seeing someone for more than a few months.

1. You’ve been dating for a long time

If you’ve been dating someone for more than three months (more than five times), you have a duty to respect each other and break up. Yes, it may be controversial.

You might get involved in awkward conversations for hours. In a nutshell: Suck it. Breaking up is hard, but it’s part of life.

2. afraid

Ending a relationship is emotionally taxing, even if you no longer feel the bond. Therefore, many people have fear and anxiety about the act.

If you fall into this camp, a face-to-face breakup can seem intimidating. Remember, it’s rarely as scary as you imagine.

3. Share your friend group

Are you and the person you want to split up with members of the same friend group? If so, it’s even more important to keep things on board and break up respectfully.

4. No reason to

Are you considering splitting the text for reasons other than lack of chivalry?

Is it ok for a man on the street to break up with a text

If so, think about why you think it’s okay to treat other people disrespectfully. What personal mistakes are causing you to behave so badly?

5. You’re the one who messes up

Was it you who ruined the relationship and caused the rift? Did that make you afraid to face the person you were dating?

You may want to break up. Probably not. Either way, the right thing to do is face the person, not shrink behind the text.

6. I messed up

“No” you protest! I didn’t do anything wrong! they are! That may be the case, but the principled move is to break up in person.

final thoughts

Every effort should be made not to divide the text. In some cases, it is recommended and unavoidable.

But before you go down that road, assess the situation as objectively as possible, put on your self-criticism hat, and examine the motives behind your thoughts.

Yes, ending a relationship is complicated and messy. But doing it kindly and honorably is a romantic rite of passage.Always protect yourself first and then take the higher road.

Is it okay to break up over text or do you look like a coward? Find out when you should and shouldn't break up like this here.

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