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Is It True That Gentleness Gets Nothing Done?

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In the Greek version of the Old Testament, LXX, the word is Proutes It appears 12 and 11 times in the New Testament. Here is an example of its use.

In OT it is often humblely translated as: Psalm 24:9, 33:3, 75:10, 146:6, and 149:4. Most of these examples are used to show a person who is “taught by the Lord”, “exalted by the Lord”, “decorated with salvation”, and “saved”. This word was also used to describe Moses’ meekness. Numbers 12:3,and Psalm 36:11 The meek will inherit the earth.

Proutes It is also used to translate another Hebrew word that is often translated as “poor people.”This is true if Job 24:4, Isaiah 26:6, Zechariah 9:9and Zephaniah 3:12. We see that God works to protect and save the “poor” as well as the “humble”. The word can also be used in another Hebrew translation, referring to things like enduring hardships (Psalm 132:1), pain and suffering (Psalm 89:10). And again the Lord will work to save them.

In the New Testament, this word does not appear in the Gospels or Acts of the Apostles, but it does appear in its original form. Matthew 5:5 to explain Jesus. This word is most often used by Paul, Jacob and Peter. 2 Corinthians 10:1 uses Christ’s meekness and gentleness (kindness) as an example of its own pattern. This is similar to the words Paul used in 1 Corinthians 4:21he contrasts kindness with approaching them “with a cane.”

In Galatians, Ephesians, and Colossians, the word is used in lists of virtues and graces in combination with humility, etc. In Galatians it is a sign of being led by the Spirit, and in Galatians it is given as an example of walking with the Spirit. Galatians 6:1. When we seek to restore a prisoner of sin, we should do so “in a spirit of kindness.” In 2 Timothy and Titus, Christian leaders are characterized by kindness. When correcting someone, he should do so with kindness. And when dealing with others, we should avoid arguing with them and instead have “perfect civility” with all people. This is similar to Peter’s use of words (1 Peter 3:16).

James contrasts kindness with “uncleanliness and rampant wickedness.” It is proof that you are the owner of wisdom. A truly wise person, and one who accepts the “implanted word”, will be characterized by kindness.

The word is not very common, but epiikes, In addition to Paul’s pastoral letters, it is also used in James and 1st Peter.is also used Proutes But it is rather the opposite of violence. It seems to be synonymous with being a good person. when you think someone has that person’s qualities, Epiexthey will say that this person is fun to be with.

In summary, the Bible shows us that God is a kind and gentle leader. And God in Christ is exemplified by his toiled kindness among others. Therefore, as followers of Jesus, we are called upon to exhibit this character trait in our lives. And it is the gentle and meek who will inherit the earth. Only kind people receive God’s salvation.

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