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JRE Pixel Fold teardown shows Google cutting corners all over the place

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Even before foldable devices, smartphones were already expensive and fragile devices. This new hardware is impressive to look at, but I’m understandably skeptical about how well each of these devices are built and want to see if they all hold up for the long haul. I think. A few weeks ago, Google announced its first folding device, the Pixel Fold. Unfortunately, the review left a bit to be desired, and a new teardown of the phone reveals just how lax Google has been.

The Google Pixel Fold isn’t the most resilient smartphone out there. There is no doubt about it. Zach Nelson behind his JerryRigEverything on YouTube, Showed me how durable it is (Spoiler: not much) Last week.now he is back A complete teardown of Google’s foldable deviceto show what it has sacrificed to compete with Samsung.

As noted by many reviewers, the hinge frame of the device is aluminum rather than stainless steel. According to Nelson, that explains why the Google Pixel Fold. folded The endurance test put me under pressure very easily. Aluminum appears to be used to make the Google Pixel Fold as thin as possible.

Milling aluminum is a cheaper process than milling stainless steel, and if a major public concern with bendy phones is related to cracking and breaking, go the extra mile to incorporate stronger materials into your devices. is worth it.

That’s not all. The waterproofing method Google uses employs a hard plastic material, as opposed to the more resilient compound used in Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Flip. Hard plastic tends to crack over time, making it easier for liquids to enter the phone.

Keep in mind, this is the $1,800 device Google is touting as a competitor to its Galaxy Z Fold phones, which are about to enter its fifth generation. As you can see here, it’s not clear if Google will join the fight.

Competition in this market is all good, but Google may need to learn from its lackluster open and continue developing technology for its next foldable phone.

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