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Junkyard Gem: 1992 Isuzu Amigo

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After successfully offering a small one to General Motors faster pickup In North America it is badged as a Chevrolet LUV (plus a few The Chevette-related Geminis are labeled “Buick/Opel by Isuzu.” Isuzu started selling cars here under its own name in the early 1980s.first we just got I-Mark subcompact And P’up pickup. Then came the Trooper SUV in 1984, and Isuzu entered the suburban commuter truck game in a big way. For model year 1989, a small Amigo 3-door convertible SUV landed. This is one of the early trucks recently found in a San Francisco Bay Area self-service yard, still in terrible condition.

The Amigo has become an afterthought in the North American Isuzu world after Isuzu created a version with five doors and a stout roof, badgering it Rodeo in the process. Amigo sales stopped here after his 1995, and from 1998 he restarted until 2000 (the 3-door then became a rodeo sport and disappeared in 2003).

Starting in 1996, Isuzu replaced its Amigo platform-related pickups with a re-badged Chevrolet S-10 known as: HombreSo Spanish-speaking Isuzu shoppers friend or ManThe origin of the company name Isuzu Rivers in Mie Prefecture.

of samurai suzuki The 1986 model Suzuki Sidekick that sparked the “cute youto” boom/geo tracker Introduced in 1989. At the same time, stimulating pastel colors and wavy graphics were in vogue.this — and Other unfortunate 1980s fashion — continued until the 1990s (One person’s ‘frustration’ and ‘unhappiness’ is another’s ‘fun’ – Ed).

this odometer Can not correct! Suspect broken speedometer cable.

The engine is a 2.6-liter inline 4 with 119 horsepower.

Variable cam timing system unlike Honda’s VTEC 1989 Debuted in Honda IntegraIsuzu’s I-TEC name stands for Electronic Fuel Injection System.

The Amigo’s only transmission for the first few years was the 5-speed manual found on this truck. That his three-pedal setup limited the Amigo’s appeal to a few American drivers willing to work the clutch. An optional automatic was made available in 1992. The Amigo also had his 4-wheel drive, but this is the cheaper rear-wheel drive version.

This interior looks so nice, so perhaps this amigo really Did it Junked at 57,000+ on the odometer. Check out California BAR vehicles smog check history I found out (by plugging in the VIN) that it finally took a smog check and passed in 2010. Supposedly something broke when it was 18 and it was kept in a garage until the last owner finally gave it up.

This is a shame as this little track should have been a hit at Radwood.

It’s a commercial for the second generation Amigo, but it’s a homage, so it’s a must-see. old slinky ads.

Almost all Isuzu (and Daewoo and Suzuki) were sold under different names elsewhere in the vast 1990s GM empire, so here’s an Opel Frontera commercial for the German market.

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