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Lamborghini Revuelto, riveting or revolting? The choice is yours with its online configurator

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lamborghini opened Online configurator for the new Revuelto flagship It was revealed yesterday.You can play with many options for supercars, but that’s debatable unless it’s one of the few options already reserved. Sold out for the first time in 2 years in early March, most booking owners have never seen what a car looks like. But if you want to kill a little time, you can create your own. Whether your tastes lean toward enthusiasts or influencers, there’s something for everyone.

Color is where Revuert can personalize the most. Available in over 68 colors, many come in both gloss and matte finishes. An aficionado may opt for one of the Classica shades inspired by Lamborghini’s past. There are more individual oranges and lime greens than the entire palette of most mainstream cars. It’s almost overwhelming. But we enjoy a good laugh, so we went for an Ecleticca (Italian for “eclectic”) finish called Blu Uranus Matt.

Wheels are what make a car good or bad. We definitely want to be in tune with the newly wealthy Soundcloud artists who are constantly pumping up Sunset Boulevard here in Los Angeles. So we wrap matte black Triguero wheels on 20- and 21-inch Bridgestone performance tires with carbon fiber center caps and titanium “rim bolts.” Even the brake calipers come in seven colors, but I think the most eye-catching option is the orange Arancio.

Interior upholstery and color options are as plentiful as paint codes. The combination of Verde Scandal (radioactive green) contrasting colors and Rosso Alala (red) stitching in the cabin of the retina-attacking Nero Ade Sportiva (black) should not be allowed on the Blu Uranus Matt exterior, but it is. selected because it is Naturally, we’re checking out the passenger display options so you can impress your captive (i.e. co-pilot) with precise speed and adding a cup holder.

As a finishing touch, the rear diffuser has yet another set of colors, but it’s the brightest, so I’ll go with Verde Scandal again. Last but not least, tick the box for the titanium engine grid. This draws attention to his 1,001-horsepower V12 hybrid powertrain (his last 12-cylinder Lamborghini ever built).

There was no price tag anywhere in the process. So this is one of those “if you have to ask” scenarios. What do you think of our Revuert? I love being at home in La La Land and Miami. The good news is, if you don’t like it, you can build your own.

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