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Let’s Find This Reader a Self-Love Ring!

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Woman walking a dog on the beach

Woman walking a dog on the beach

Cup of Jo reader Lee asked the group a question…

“Longtime readers, I am going through a divorce after 10 years of marriage,” she wrote. “I would like to buy a ring for myself instead of my wedding ring. I have two conditions: 1) I don’t want to be mistaken for a wedding ring. 2) I want something expensive, less than $500.”

First, I love this question, Lee! I am excited for you and your future. I know many women who bought themselves a “self-love ring” when starting a new chapter in their life after a breakup, loss, graduation, job change, or major move. A CoJ reader named Beth said: She said, “I didn’t want to see my left ring finger naked when we were separated, so I gave myself Gorjana Erea Ring. It wraps around your fingers like a warm hug. “

“Years ago I fell in love with someone Barrio Neal It rang, but I didn’t buy it,” added reader AMB. “Later, during my divorce, I remembered that ring and the feeling it gave me, and ordered it. Every time I stretch out, I tap into this beautiful memory to remind myself of who I was and how I am growing into who I want to be.”

On top of that, Lee, in case someone tells you, here are some that I really like…

catbird pearl ring

cat bird This is one of my favorite stores soap bubble ring (There are pearls on both sides of the diamond) Very nice. (here it is $60 version, that too. )

Satomi Kawakita's Tiny Ring

If you like delicate works, Satomi Kawakita’s work beautiful little ring With sapphires, rubies, black diamonds and emeralds.

Monica Vinadarling

Monica Vinader is gem ring with colors like green and black.

odette ring

Odette NY makes nice things heart ring and Kissling.

Ariel Gordon Signet Ring Self Love Ring

Ariel Gordon Signet Ring Self Love Ring

And finally, how wonderful signet ring be? My grandfather wore this all his life and I would love to wear it too. There is something very cute about Ariel Gordon. Petite, slim, classic and statement.

What do you think? What other rings do you like?

PS 9 women talk about divorce. Also, 10 great readers commented on the divorce.

(Photo above by Ana Luz Crespi/Stocksy)

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