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‘Liver King’ Admits Steroid Use, Calls Persona ‘Experiment’ – Rolling Stone

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Brian Johnson is better Known as an organ-eating masculinity influencerlever king,” admitted to using steroids in a somber video shared on his post Youtube When Instagram account.

“I fully admit I messed up,” he said in a six-minute confession. “As a man, I’m sorry.”

A painful statement video Another bodybuilder, Derek of online fitness brand More Plates More Dates, purportedly showed me an email in which Johnson explained his steroid regimen. Since launching his River King persona in August 2021, Johnson has given several interviews, during which he steadfastly denied using performance-enhancing drugs to achieve a muscular physique. He also brushed off steroid use accusations from the podcast kingpin. Joe Rogan.

But in just three days, the hour-long release of “More Plates More Dates” garnered three million views, with many in the fitness community saying it confirmed their allegations against Johnson.

“I’m here to set the record straight,” Johnson said in his new video, then let out a deep sigh. “Yes, I have used steroids. Yes, I have used steroids and are monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician. It was an experiment in.” He went on to refer to social issues such as suicide, depression and anxiety, adding, “Our young men suffer the most.” He said that when he talks about his low self-esteem, he’s talking about himself.

Before adopting the guise of a liver king on social media, Johnson explained that he was already wealthy and that his supplement business was a success. gained followers. Johnson marketed his products while advocating a caveman lifestyle characterized by extreme exercise and a “natural” raw diet of animal livers, hearts and testicles. Johnson claims he never thought Liver King would become a viral sensation, refuting emails allegedly contained in ‘More Plates More Dates’ video, gaining 1 million social media followers in months He has yet to confirm or deny the authenticity of that message, or of other personal communications currently circulating.

Johnson also pledged to speak “openly” about steroid use in the future “because he believes there is a time and place for pharmacological intervention” if under medical supervision. , denied having had intra-abdominal implants or any other plastic surgery.

On YouTube, the reaction has been mostly negative, with commentators criticizing Johnson for evoking the spirits of others. health Struggling as a reason for his pattern of lying. Some called the video “damage control” or disingenuous, while many said they were just sorry he was caught.

Johnson found more support on his Instagram page. “No bullshit, no excuses,” the fan wrote. “This post has earned me respect. So much love!” You are truly inspiring and definitely a respected figure in the fitness world.”

Redditors were less impressed. It was observed that “his image confessing to steroid use is hilarious, like a kid with a face covered in blueberry pie confessing to eating pie”. 1“Think of all the legal guys who ate their testicles trying to be this guy.” teased someone else.

As Johnson himself pointed out, he is not a competitive athlete and therefore cannot be disciplined or suspended by any sports body. , is unlikely to diminish his online fame or audience.Thus Johnson referred to the River King in the past tense, but expects him to live on and hype both “ancestral” doctrines When Amazing effects of human growth hormone. Oh, and the importance of never wearing a shirt.


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