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Lottery tips: Financial expert shocks with what you should ‘actually do’ if you win

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earn huge sums at lottery It can change your life.

But be careful advicesome winners may be exposed to losing everything.

Watch the video above: Financial expert tips for keeping your lottery winnings.

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based in new york financial professional He shared 6 tips for not wasting the lottery windfall.

Hayley Sachs passing by @mrsdowjonesexplained in tick tock What should people “actually” do if they win big.

Here are her first suggestions: Keep your cool and don’t quit your job. ”

Financial expert Haley Sachs reveals six tips for lottery winners. credit: TikTok/mrsdowjones

A second tip from financial experts is to be more private.

“Go dark, delete social media, get a PO Box, change your phone number,” she explains.

Moving on to the third idea, Sacks recommended putting the ticket in a “safe place.”

“First I take a picture and make a copy, then I put it in the bank safe deposit box,” she said.

Sachs reveals that it’s time to “build a team” because you’re “rich now” and rich people “love to ask for help.”

The caption for her fourth tip reads, “Lawyer Up!”

“Try to avoid the press by hiring a lawyer to help you claim your winnings through a blind trust,” she says.

Recommendation 5 is to get a financial advisor to help you with “National Planning and Investment”.

“Investing this money will be key,” she explains.

“We will put at least 50% of that into the market in low-cost index funds.”

Proposition 6 is to hire a professional to handle your newfound cash.

“Let your accountant help you with taxes and giving to family and charities,” she said.

Sachs explains that winners shouldn’t tell anyone about their wins, and shouldn’t hire a team to help them invest their money. credit: TikTok/@mrsdowjones

Sax’s video, which has been viewed over 2.5 million times, received over 1,400 comments from users preparing for their lucky day.

Many, however, admitted not to follow her advice.

“I’ll retire as soon as my check is cleared,” he fantasized.

Here’s the second joke: 2) I have trust issues that prevent me from trusting a lawyer or her financial advisor. 3) I manage it myself.

And a third said they would “couldn’t keep quiet” if they won.

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