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Marital Sex Shouldn’t Get ‘Such a Bad Rap,’ It’s a ‘Gift from God’

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Actress Candace Cameron Bure recently break down podcast celebrity crisis Host Mayim Bialik. While speaking to Bialik, Bure said that she and her husband still love each other “physically,” “mentally,” and “mentally,” even after 26 years of marriage.

Bure, who married former hockey player Valeri Bure in 1996, said that laughter is one of her “love languages” and loves when her husband makes her laugh.

“Laughter is one of my love languages,” she said. Said Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler on the CBS sitcom big bang theory.

“I grew up with comedians on the show [Full House]I’ve been around laughter my whole life. My father is a very interesting person,” she said. So I need laughter in my life, and that comes with playfulness with her husband.

according to fox news, Full house The star also said that “sex within marriage gets a very bad rap” and emphasized that sex within marriage is “celebrated” because it is “a gift from God.”

Sex is “the blessing of being married and committing to someone,” and Bure added that jokes about longer marriages being sexless were inaccurate in her case.

“I’m not trying to talk about my sex life,” she explained. I think it’s important.

“It’s an important part of the relationship that we make time for each other. We still love each other both physically, mentally, spiritually, all things,” Bure continued. “It all comes hand in hand.”

“I’m happier and my husband is happier when we have sex,” she said.

Bures has three children: Natasha (24), Lev (22) and Maksim (20).

Bure starred in a hit sitcom in the 90s Full house and a sequel in 2016 fuller house, recently completed 14 years on the Hallmark Channel and is now joining the Great American Family.she is schedule Starring in her first Christmas film under the new network, it will be released in November.


Candace Cameron Bure to Star in GAC Family’s First Christmas Movie

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Video courtesy: Mayim Bialik

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