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Mixed Berry Cake

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Sweet berries and buttery cake are perfectly combined in this super easy 6-ingredient berry cake recipe.

berry cake

berry cake

If you’ve fallen in love with a cranberry Christmas cake and are saddened that cranberries aren’t in season the next time you try to make one, this cake is the answer to your cake-lover’s dreams.

The biggest comment when cranberry season is over is that you can’t find cranberries. Can I use blueberries? Does raspberry work? Can you make this cake with other berries? Fortunately, the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES!

But seriously, take notes and get an extra bag of cranberries to freeze after Christmas. Either way, get as many as you think you need and then get a few more.

No special handling or preparation is required to freeze cranberries. Store the bag in the freezer.

No other cake on this site gets as much rave reviews as the Cranberry Christmas Cake. It has already garnered several similar rave reviews.

Berry cake square with blue and white striped napkin

<咳>A friend who should not be named Bake 365 days a year <咳> It may have helped me consume a ridiculous amount of this cake when I made it again to take a picture a while back.

I love making this to share with family, friends and neighbors though. It’s a favorite.

The texture and crumbs are just delightful and the sweet crust is so buttery crunchy. I could talk nonstop about this cake – it’s good!

Pyramid Berry Cake Rectangle

triple berry cake

A cake made with only six ingredients is a bit unique, isn’t it? I highly recommend reading the FAQ for the original recipe that this recipe is based on.

Click here to learn the secret to making such a delicious cake with just 6 ingredients.

Eggs should be beaten with sugar until slightly thickened and lightened in color, about 5-7 minutes.

Eggs act as leavening agents in this recipe, so don’t skip this step. This mixture should form a ribbon when you lift the beaters out of the bowl.

This is the key for this cake. Do not skip this step. Trust the process.

Berry cake dough in a bowl

berry cake recipe

To make this recipe, you need 6 ingredients:

  • egg
  • sugar
  • butter
  • vanilla
  • all purpose flour
  • frozen mixed berries
blue and white striped napkin and berry cake

Avoid frozen mixed berries with large chunks of strawberries. Large berries do not bake well. My favorite blend of frozen berries in this recipe has blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

While I was eating the berry cake, I noticed that the lemon peel was delicious the first time I made it. Oddly enough, I liked it without a hint of lemon, as did both of my friends who tried it too.

I found the berry combination to be enough of a tangy flavor on its own. was also excellent.

berry cake on bread

snack cake

Quick and easy snack cake recipes have become a regular go-to for me. With minimal effort, treats can be kept on hand or in the freezer to share with friends or enjoy with afternoon tea or coffee.

The soft, buttery peach coffee cake is filled with sweet bites of peach and topped with a tantalizing brown sugar crumb topping.

Fresh cranberries and a hint of lemon combine in this incredibly moist brown sugar streusel cranberry coffee cake.

Banana Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing is a super moist banana cake stuffed with pecan nuts and sprinkled with cinnamon cream cheese icing.

Fresh blackberry frosting and citrusy lemon combine in a delicious way Super moist lemon blackberry cakeEvery bite of this cake reminds me of summer.

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berry cake

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