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Nissan actually built the Max-Out electric roadster concept

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Indeed, Nissan took the wildest and coolest virtual concept about a year ago and built a physical version of it. This is the concept of the Max-Out Roadster, and it doesn’t get any more impressive in the real world.

It’s nearly identical while maintaining the retro-futuristic illuminated grid pattern and wedge-shaped shape. The wheel covers also have a grid look, but with a rounded shape reminiscent of a tunnel that extends from the wheel into the interior of the car. Aside from the slatted headlights recessed into the rectangular air intakes, there isn’t much that ties the car to modern Nissan design. Its intake vents through the hood, presumably for aerodynamic purposes. Interestingly, the car is shown with left-hand drive.

With the virtual introduction, Nissan said the Max-Out will be lightweight and all-wheel drive. That tech was bred for other virtual concepts, so it seems likely that the production model will use the version of the motor and battery used in the Arya.

So what does it mean that Nissan built a physical version of the Max-Out? Well, it’s hard to say. The car is on display at Nissan’s press conference called Nissan Futures, which covers Nissan’s environmental technology and function panel discussions. It seems like it’s primarily a fun display for an event.

Our blindly optimistic side would like to think that this car is being talked about, and Nissan wants to gather public opinion to make a case for it. It was picked up as an idea of ​​what could be created for a big electrical plan. But we know sports cars are a tough segment, and we haven’t forgotten how disappointed we were with the Nissan IDx. So it’s a little unlikely. However, if Nissan executives are reading, we want to make it clear that we want a funky electric sports car.

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