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Our Guest Bedroom Makeover (and a Brooklinen Sale)

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Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

We have a small room in our house that we used as a workspace during the pandemic.But inspired by friends and family visiting Brooklyn, we decided to turn it into a guest room. brook linena great bedding brand that we love and have been using for over a decade…

Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

Seat: Luxe satin. Navy pillow: lightweight sham. Pink blanket: textured throw. Floral cushions: EtsyWallpaper: Rebecca Atwood.

First, I made a buttery smooth bed in Brooklinen Airy satin sheetsI keep these in my bed too, but they’re not comfortable climbing in at the end of a long day. Luxurious hardcore bundleComes with fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover and 4 pillowcases for an overall savings of 25%. ) Navy Siamese with cute stitches. It feels good to lean back while reading.

Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

Seat: luxe satin. Tissue box cover: Heather Taylor Home. Decanter: Maison Balzac.

Keep the photo on your bedside table when you have close relatives like your mother or father staying over. It’s an easy way to make them laugh and feel welcome.

Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

Seat: luxe satin. Navy pillow: lightweight sham. Stool: Zara Home. Lamp: menu.

We also have several books for guests to flip through, including interesting essays, poetry books, and photo books. (this dog guy Anton’s favorite. )

Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

flame: frame bridge.

Many years ago I came home from work to find this note taped to my front door. It made me laugh so much that I ended up framing it as a surprise for my guests to notice when heading to bed.

Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

pink blanket: textured throwNew York Prints: David Ehrenstråhle.

Another nice point is that the artworks of the places you visit are displayed in the rooms. (Walking into a Michigan hotel room full of Paris posters is kind of a mess!) So I moved the New York posters here to get guests excited about the city’s adventures. .

Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

Candle: happy hourSmall plates: Chloe May Brown.

This room is small, so candle, the windowsill smells of citrus and cedar. ‘You don’t even need to light a fire,’ says British designer Rita Koenig“Just leave it in the room and it’ll smell nice, and it smells so much better than dusty potpourri.”

Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

towel: super plush.

Finally, exclude some hangers and stacks of fresh stuff brook linen towelBath towels have been rickety for a long time, but switching to something like a hotel was a game changer. It’s super thick and plush, but it’s also absorbent.They are made of Turkish cotton and come in 13 colors/patterns (I love stripes!).

Seat: luxe satin. blanket: textured throw.

how high do you want to climb? We love Brooklinen, a Brooklyn-based company run by a husband and wife team. All of their designs are simple and classic just like them. pink textured throwAnd now they have their big birthday sale25% off sitewide, valid through May 8th.

Joanna Goddard's guest room makeover

blanket: textured throw. mirror: school buildingWallpaper: Rebecca Atwood.

what brook linen piece Add to your home? A few more…

Good news for all readers: Brooklinen is their big birthday sale A whopping 25% off sitewide.click here Discount is automatically applied at checkout.view all hereif you please.

What’s the secret to a cozy guest room?

(photograph: Kate Jordan,styling Oliver Cano For Cup of Joe.This post is sponsored by brook linen, is a brand that our family has been using for many years. Thank you for supporting the brands that help run Cup of Jo. )

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