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Overwatch 2 adds special custom crosshair setting in stealthy update

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issued: 2023-06-15T00:47:12

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Overwatch 2 added a more special crosshair customization setting in a sneaky update with the start of Season 5.

Overwatch 2 has entered its fifth season. It brings an all-new battle pass, player-created game modes, balance changes, and more to the game. Alongside the new season, we’re also looking forward to the return of our favorite summer games in 2023. This time it’s Winston’s new beach volleyball game mode.

In addition to receiving Winston’s beach volleyball, Overwatch 2 on July 25th is full of barrels, lampposts, and props. Blizzard introduces Prop Hunt his own take on the format.

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But beyond all the new content announced with the start of Season 5, it was a nice quality of life improvement for players. Observant Overwatch 2 players have noticed a few new crosshair settings appearing in the menu for even more customization.

Overwatch 2 Players Notice New Crosshair Settings In Sneaky Update

Reddit user Samis Welsh I noticed that the custom crosshair editor has some new settings. Sam received the new Outline Thickness and Outline Shift his sliders. These new settings are great news for players who want to further customize their experience.

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In addition to the two new settings, Sam also notices the introduction of decimal points in other settings. This means the player can fine-tune the crosshair down to the decimal point, allowing for even more precision.

What’s even stranger about this update is the fact that it wasn’t mentioned at all on social media.

“I tried googling if there was some old news I missed, but I didn’t find anything. Nothing in the patch notes, no posts here or on Twitter. If you’re crazy and just happened to miss this please let me know,” the post reads.

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However, according to some comments, some of these settings may not work as intended. This could mean that these changes may have shipped a little earlier.

Despite being a little wonky in settings and not fully functional in-game, this is a sign that Blizzard is giving players more crosshair customization options, especially those who play competitively. .

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