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Pokemon Go Adventure Week makes Meltan Research easier to complete than ever

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The upcoming Go Adventure Week event in Pokémon GO should make it easier to complete Let’s GO, Meltan Special Research.

Niantic is well known for releasing research tasks to Pokémon Go that take a while to complete. Just last week, a new masterwork research task was dropped titled All in One #151. It will probably take several months to complete.

Other research tasks such as “Let’s GO” and “Meltan” also fall into this category.

Luckily for those stuck on Let’s Go, Meltan, upcoming events should make that research much easier to complete.

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Pokémon GO Players Will Get Support From Let’s GO, Meltan

In 2018, Niantic released Let’s GO, a special research task for Meltan in Pokémon GO. This lengthy series of challenges requires players to complete a collection of catch-based objectives, engage in Gym Battles, spin PokéStops, and more.

The 8th part of “Let’s GO Meltan Special Research” may be a bit difficult for some people as it requires catching 2 Omanyte or Kabuto, 2 Lilyap or Annoris and 1 Aerodactyl. If you haven’t come across these fossil Pokémon yet, this Adventure Week should help.

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Several players have not completed Meltan’s Special Research, as players will have more chances to encounter these Pokémon in upcoming Go Adventure Weeks. Excited.

Several Pokémon GO players on social media, who have yet to finish Meltan’s Special Research, were thrilled with the news.

As one Reddit player exclaimed:I got stuck in [Let’s GO, Meltan] It’s been three years. Another said, “I got stuck on July 9th, but I’m so glad I got to tease what could have been really good.”

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Let’s GO, Meltan rewards Go players with encounters with Meltan, but be aware that it’s not the only way to obtain this mythical Pokémon. Alternatively, players can obtain Meltan through Mystery Boxes.

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