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Rick Rubin, Legendary Music Producer — The Creative Act, Overcoming Creative Blocks, Developing Your Perception and Sensitivities, Reinvention vs. Going Narrow, The Future and AI, and Much More (#649)

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“Find out what you’re aware of, but no one else is seeing.”

— Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin (@RickRubin) is one of nine Grammy-winning producers. time According to the magazine, he is one of the 100 most influential people in the world and the most successful producer of any genre. rolling stoneCollaborate with artists from Tom Petty to Adele, Johnny Cash to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys to Slayer, Kanye West to The Strokes, System of a Down to Jay-Z. I went. You can read his 2015 interview with Rick at tim.blog/RickRubin.

his new book THE CREATIVE ACT: Way of being.

Please enjoy!

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#649: Rick Rubin, Legendary Music Producer — Creative Acting, Overcoming Creative Blocks, Developing Perception and Sensitivity, Reinventing and Narrowing, Future and AI, and Many More

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Want to hear Rick Rubin’s previous interviews on this podcast? How Rick lost 145 pounds, rebuilt his circadian rhythms, discovering and making music, how to approach music from a place of appreciation, genre hopping, sauna/ice bath combinations, and more.

#76: Rick Rubin on developing world-class artists (Jay-Z, Johnny Cash, etc.), losing 100+ pounds, and overcoming complexities

What’s your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Let me know in the comments.

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Show memo

Editor’s Note: Timestamps will be added soon.

  • Why Rick wrote creative act.
  • The Way of Rick Rubin.
  • Make your creative toolbox versatile.
  • Collaboration: We ensure that the best ideas trump ego.
  • Creative revisions are experimental and not guaranteed improvements.
  • Knowing when to define or deviate from established genres.
  • Why Rick resisted advice to make his first book an autobiography.
  • Even a solo project is a collaboration.
  • Realize that no one else is watching.
  • To be in a wonderful state that “makes art inevitable”.
  • craftsman vs artist.
  • Good distractions and bad distractions.
  • Departure from sameness.
  • Filter out non-constructive feedback.
  • Does artificial intelligence deserve a role in the creative process?
  • What happens when new music hits Rick’s ears?
  • How to become the best possible music producer.
  • An artist who is best at conveying the wonder from the mundane.
  • Manage your intake of massive amounts of inspiration.
  • Rick’s radar new movie.
  • Tips for artists who want to stand the test of time.
  • Pace your book—as a writer and a reader.
  • parting thoughts.

More Rick Rubin quotes from interviews

“That’s how I like to work. continue.”

— Rick Rubin

“The way I’ve found that in most collaborative projects… there are a lot of ideas and there’s a battle of wills going on about which idea wins. It’s not necessarily based on which idea is the best.” It’s not about being there — it’s more of an ego conflict battle. Then that’s not how the best decisions are made.”

— Rick Rubin

“Always see what you’re fixing. You’ll never think that spending more time on something makes it better.”

— Rick Rubin

“Find out what you’re aware of, but no one else is seeing.”

— Rick Rubin

“What makes an artist great isn’t in the making. It happens in the way they are in the world, in the way they experience the world, in the way they notice things that someone else doesn’t realize.” How we see what is beautiful when we see the mundane, and how we can express it in ways that allow us to catch glimpses of things we see that others might not have noticed.

— Rick Rubin

“Artisans are making things, making them all the same, or putting them all together, or making them what someone else ordered. You are making things you didn’t know you couldn’t live without, things you didn’t know were possible.

— Rick Rubin

“We walk around in awe all day and it takes our breath away. And if someone else can be in the same awe as what we’ve created, we’ll express it with something.” can.”

— Rick Rubin

“The reason there are so many music artists, and why I have thousands of albums by them, and the thousands of artists I follow that I love, they’re all the best. Not because they’re from. They’re all doing really good things that are unique to them.”

— Rick Rubin

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