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Shakira’s 8 most cutting lyrics about Pique and Clara Chia in record-breaking ‘diss track’

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Shakira has caused controversy with her latest song, which features lyrics that appear to target her ex, Gerard Pique.

The Colombian musician split with the former Barcelona footballer in June 2022 amid rumors that Piqué was unfaithful.

Titled “BZRP Music Sessions #53”, the new song produced by DJ Bizarrap from Argentina, Shakira It seemed like he was aiming for his ex-partner who had been with him for 11 years..

The song’s lyrics refer to Piqué and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

Here are eight of the most savage barbs on the track…

1. “A lot of talk about being a champion/And when I needed you, you gave me your worst version”

2. “Sorry, I should have kicked you out a while ago/Wolves like me aren’t for beginners.”

3. “This is for you to regret / Chew and swallow, swallow and chew”

4. “I just make music. Sorry to skip you.”

As sung in Spanish, the line becomes “Yo solo hago música, perdón que te salpique”, with the last word (salpique) being a pun on Pique’s name.

5. “You left your mother-in-law as my neighbor / The media is at my door and I owe the government”

This line is Shakira’s Court battle over alleged tax fraud (which she denies).

6. “She’s got a nice name/obviously different.”

The Spanish word for “obviously,” claramente, is used here as an obvious pun on Clara Chia Marti, and Shakira articulates the word to emphasize it.

7. “I’m worth two twenty-seconds / You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo / You traded a Rolex for a Casio”

Piqué’s new girlfriend, now 23, is rumored to have started seeing the football player when she was 22. The lyrics also allude to Piqué’s goal celebration. .

8. “I spend a lot of time in the gym, but my brain needs to work a little.”

Piqué has not yet responded to the new song. Independent A representative has been contacted for comment.

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