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Social Security update: Here are seven changes to benefits that were made for 2023

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T.The Social Security Administration changes the benefits for retirees each October and takes effect the following year.

Changes often include cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) on checks, raising the maximum income subject to social security taxes, and increasing disability benefits. Here are his 7 changes the social security beneficiary will get in her 2023.

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Increase in cost of living adjustment

The annual COLA rose to 8.7% in 2023, increasing beneficiary salaries by $140. This marked the largest increase in social security in almost 40 years. Experts predict that COLA in 2024 will drop significantly to 3.1%, according to the Federation of the Aged.

Income limits for early retirees to be raised

The administration has increased the amount that recipients can receive maximum retirement benefits while earning through employment. In 2023, the amount a beneficiary under full retirement age can earn will be $21,240 for her, an increase of $1,680 for him in 2022. If the beneficiary earns more than her $21,240, he will be docking $1 for every $2 of her over the limit.

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If retirees turn 67 in 2023, they can still make up to $56,520, compared to $51,960 in 2022. For every $3 a beneficiary earns over the limit, his Social Security benefits are reduced by $1. according to To investment pedia.

Increased maximum monthly payment at full retirement age

If born after 1960, the beneficiary reaches full retirement age at age 67. If you wait until full retirement age, you will receive $3,627 each month, an increase of $282 from 2022. However, attempting to retire early may result in a permanent reduction in benefits for the beneficiary. $2,572 monthly funding. Those who then decide to retire at age 70 could be paid a higher dividend of $4,555.

Taxable income rises up to $160,000

Employees will have to pay 6.2% Social Security tax on earnings up to $160,200 in 2023, and employers will have to comply. Taxable income this year is $12,800 higher than in 2022, when taxes on income were up to $147,000.

Increased social security benefits for disabled workers

Disabled beneficiaries receive an 8.7% increase in monthly salary, the same increase as COLA. This will take their monthly checks from $1,364 in 2022 to an average of $1,483 in 2023. Those who are married and have one or more children will pay an average of $2,616, which could increase by $209 from 2022.

The money received by disabled beneficiaries should help replace some of the lost wages.

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Experts warn Social Security Trust Fund could be depleted by 2034

According to a new report, experts warn that if nothing is done to rectify the problem, both Social Security and Medicare trust funds could face depletion in the 2030s. Social Security and Medicare Board Annual Report. But the debate over the future of social security has been going on in Congress for years.

If this projection holds true, retirees receiving funds from the Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund will only receive 77% of their scheduled benefits from 2033.

Click here to read more about the Washington Examiner’s article

Increased threshold for earning credits

For those born after 1929, the amount needed to earn 1 of the 40 credits required for retirement has risen. Employees can only earn up to four credits each year toward retirement, and each credit is awarded for every $1,640 in employee earnings. This will increase him $130 from 2022. according to to the Social Security Administration.

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