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Specialized Releases New P.Series Bikes

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Specialized’s P3 is no longer an only child, with three new siblings joining the lineup. The range now includes a wide range of alloy-framed hardtail bikes, intended to cater to novice riders and hard dirt jumpers alike.

There are some notable global changes made to the series. A specially designed boost-spaced sliding rear dropout allows 15mm of horizontal adjustment and can be set up in a geared or single speed configuration. The tire spec for all his P.Series bikes is Specialized Kicker and is meant to meet the needs of street, dirt and skatepark riding. The new bikes all use a 30.9 seatpost and are wired for an internal dropper if you want your jump bike to be a little more pedal-friendly. Each frame in the lineup has two color options, and the P3 and P4 are also available as frame-only purchases.

USD 650 / EUR 800
The P1 is a 20″ kids’ bike with a focus on progress and durability. Touchpoints have been modified to fit younger children with a 19mm outer diameter handlebar, skinny grips and a low standover height. The geometry has been modified for an 80mm fork, making it perfect for younger kids. Shredders need more attenuation.

1250 USD / 1250 EUR
With 24-inch wheels and a fairly open-ended geometry, the P2 can be the next size for growing kids, or an ideal small-wheeled park bike or DJ bike for adults. This bike comes with he 100mm Manitou. The J-Unit fork gives you an edge on even the toughest landings.

2000 USD / 1700 EUR
$700 USD / €900 frames only
The original members of the line-up continued on the track, with P3 relatively unchanged. To better accommodate the new series’ sizing sweep, the reach and stack are a little smaller, and the head angle is a little slacker, landing at 68.5°. The complete build comes with He Marzocchi Bomber DJ and in my experience I was impressed with this. The P3 frame also fits his 27.5-inch wheels, making the platform even more adaptable for those looking to experiment with a dirt-jump setup.

2100 USD / 1700 EUR
$700 USD / €900 frames only
Speaking of 27.5 inch dirt jump bikes, the P4 has big wheels front and rear. The frame geometry isn’t too far off from the hardtails of about a decade ago, but this bike is still focused on jumping and pumping, which isn’t necessarily the case. The logic behind the larger frame is simple; most people will be wearing a dirt jumper as their main trail bike accessory, so the geometry needs to be larger to better bridge the gap between the two frames. . A Bomber fork helps stabilize that feel, unless you’re taken aback by the fast-rolling tires and tiny brakes.

For more information on P.Series bikes, visit Specialized’s site. website you can know more.

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