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Spring Nail Colors a Celebrity Stylist Says Will Be Everywhere

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When it comes to nails, I usually keep it safe. As a preteen with a penchant for Nirvana and thick black eyeliner, when I first started wearing nail polish, I wore nothing but black. I rocked my manicure and proudly bared my chipped and bitten nails. I eventually gave up, but I forgot how fun it is to express yourself with nails. That is, of course, until you take the plunge and switch up the tried-and-tested tones to try out the best spring nail colors 2023 has to offer.

Indeed, for several years I hadn’t painted my nails at all. Instead, I decided to focus on repairing my nail health after years of biting my nails (Ouch). After all, nothing beats the power of a good manicure. This trend is a reminder of just that. There are so many daring nails that inspire me to try something new. There’s never been a better time to explore with your nails.

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Experts talk about the biggest spring nail colors for 2023

Really, what is spring all about but reinvention? Suddenly anything and everything feels possible. The sun is shining again, the days are getting longer, and a myriad of opportunities open up before you. You can’t deny the urge to try something new. Is there an easy way to convey your enthusiasm for this change? A DIY mani-pedi, of course. This year, I’m dedicated to switching things up by trying out every nail his inspo I’ve saved on Instagram.

I asked a celebrity nail stylist to know the recommended nail colors and trends for spring Flurry RoseShe gave us the scoop on all the best trends to try for spring, how to pick the perfect one for you, and some of her favorite shades. Please read on.

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What nail trends do you expect to be big this spring?

According to Rose, people want the opportunity to express themselves. This season’s bright and bold nail trends reflect that. After years of staying indoors and no chance to show off her self-expression, she said, “People really want to see and be seen after what feels like perpetual solitude. , makes me think that as the weather heats up, people will really start delivering looks, including nails! Think fun bright colors like green, long lengths, and expressive nail art My clients love the little 3D gummy bears I make on their nails, perfect for spring.”

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How to choose the perfect nail color for you

If you’ve ever put a new shade on your nails and experienced the feeling that you just walked out of the salon, it goes without saying that colors can change how you feel. It’s common to think about how you want to feel, not just how you feel when you see ,” says Rose.

Choose what you are passionate about. Whether you need a little confidence or a warm-weather mood booster, a mani in fresh colors has you covered.Rose’s view is that in some areas, “it’s still pretty cold. Many clients are bright, neon, and dopamine-induced color It will lift your mood until the weather warms up. If you dare, it’s a great opportunity to express your individuality with nail color! “

What is your favorite nail color for spring?

Grow up or go home, says Rose. “I love green nails for spring! I’m also obsessed with Megan Fox and her matching green mani-pedi. Gucci’s “Melinda” would be so perfect! “

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Best spring nail colors for mood-boosting mani

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