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Tesla proposes $3.8 million donation for roads near lithium refinery

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Tesla has offered $3.8 million to improve roads near its lithium refinery in Robstown.

Tesla’s donation will improve County Routes 30, 79 and 81. Nueces County Commissioners will discuss the proposal at their next regular meeting scheduled for this week. Commissioner John Marez said the approval process was complicated.

“So it would have to go through the commissioner’s court to consider and accept the agreement. deaf,” he told the local news outlet.

Mares elaborated that Tesla’s $3.8 million donation will be used to widen roads and improve pavement. The road Tesla is aiming to improve will lead to Corpus Christi’s lithium refinery. Most of the donations will be used to secure roads for large equipment and vehicles. Tesla’s lithium refinery.

The Nueces County Commissioner said he was positive about Tesla’s donation and hoped the proposal would be well received by other commissioners.

“I feel the roads need to be improved,” Mares said. “And, perhaps something that we normally don’t have access to, we will also provide the necessary guidelines to meet their needs regarding vehicles entering and exiting the facility. believe.”

Tesla $375 million lithium refinery in Corpus Christi last month. This facility is located southwest of Robstown but within the Robstown Independent School District (ISD). Robstown ISD gets tax revenue from Tesla’s lithium facility.

“For lithium, our Corpus Christi lithium refinery broke ground in May of this year. Our goal is to begin commissioning part of the facility by the end of the year,” said Andrew Baglino I explained this at the first quarter financial results conference.

“The refinery employs a sulfate-free spodumene refining process that reduces process costs, does not use acids or caustic reagents, and has low volumetric energy. It produces useful by-products that you can use. We talked about all these concepts at Battery Day,” Baglino said.

Tesla aims to have its lithium refinery operational by the end of the year. The company estimates that the lithium facility will have an annual capacity of 50GWh.

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