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The 15 Best High-Quality Reed Diffusers to Scent Your Home

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Effortless, high-impact, and charmingly subtle, the best reed diffusers add an effortless scent to your space without the scent cluttering your head. That said, their longevity (and price) makes them a little more diligent than regular candles and room sprays. To help you make smart investments, we’ve tracked down the best quality reed diffusers across the web today.

Featured Image of Shani Van Breukelen By Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

Why use a reed diffuser

A good quality reed diffuser may have a subtle scent, but it will last (usually 3-4 months as long as you turn the reeds over). It also does that good scent job without the threat of an open flame. Another advantage of reed diffusers is that many of them double as decorations. Much more stylish than cheap air plugs.

With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are getting a quality product.

Choose a rattan reed

Occasionally we see bamboo or synthetic reeds paired with diffusers, but we prefer rattan. It has clear hollow channels that help the oil move more naturally for maximum sensory benefits. Compared to synthetic reeds, rattan absorbs and spreads oils a bit slower, which makes things a little more nuanced, but I always prefer natural over synthetic. may change rapidly.)

How often should you flip?

The consensus is to flip the reed sticks once a week or whenever you want a burst of fragrance. If you want the oil to last longer, you can slow it down to once every two weeks. , flip a few times at a time to keep the oil dripping down.

When should I get new reeds?

After 6 months, it’s time to replace the lead completely. According to the Harlem Candle Company, it works even better if you replace it every two to three months. “High-quality rattan reeds will last up to six months, but after the first month, you may notice that the scent begins to fade,” writes Terri Johnson. blog post“This is because dust and other impurities can clog the reeds over time, preventing the fragrance oils from diffusing properly.”

Image by Michelle Nash

15 Best Quality Reed Diffusers for 2023


Despite the increasing competition in luxury goods, Nest remains popular for good reason, with the brand appearing on nearly every best-of list on the internet. Its luxurious scent is irresistible and backed by thousands of 5-star reviews. For an undisputed gift, choose Nest’s clean “bamboo” scent.

Harlem Candle Company

Inspired by Harlem’s rich culture, Terri Johnson’s Made in New York fragrance was surprisingly evocative. The acclaimed ‘Josephine’ fragrance celebrates the sensuality of Harlem Her Renaissance ‘Bronze Goddess’ with notes of citrus bergamot, amber and sandalwood.

PF Candle Co., Ltd.

interior designer Anne Sage once shared her love for this particular PF Candle product and I will never forget it.

“This scent is indescribable,” says Sage. “A little rustic, a little fresh, it reminds me of a late summer rainstorm in my home state of California. And of course, PF Candle’s amber glass bottle is iconic and perfect for any style of decor. ”

miller harris

Sandalwood lovers will love the natural scents of this women-owned London brand, incorporating sensual scents and 100% recyclable packaging.

Le Petite Jardin & Co.

We love that this Austin-based company has partnered with local florists to offer naturally dried flowers.


The Brooklyn-based fragrance brand makes beautifully brooding diffusers with distinctive black bottles that are perfect for reusing after the oil has been diffused.

Jo Malone London

Definitely Jo Malone. London Brand’s imposing-looking bottles add a stylish accent to any bathroom or entryway, brightening things up with fresh, phthalate-free scents.

capri blue

With its cult-favorite volcanic scent (an irresistible mix of sugar and citrus) and Yves Klein-inspired shades in the bottle, Capri Blue evokes all the senses. Even people who don’t like sweet scents will be able to blend in with the brand’s slightly sweet scent, so it’s definitely a great housewarming gift.

Sile Tordon

High-end fragrance brands really offer the best and are worth the higher-than-average price if you want to splurge. A masculine addition to Roundup.

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Like their candle counterparts, Tamara Mayne’s reed diffusers are a minimalist’s dream, exuding rich scents that bring the Greek islands to every corner of your home.


What does it take to be the highest-rated diffuser on Amazon? Clean linen scent, a touch of baby breath, and easy refills at a competitive price.


A fresh favorite from a Californian brand known for its strong, pleasing scents.

Acqua di Parma

I love the Italian brand’s signature scent patchouli and spiciness, but it tends to diffuse quickly.

padi wax

These chic little diffusers are perfect for small spaces and come with pretty amber bottles that are easy to upcycle.

Maison Louis Marie

widely known as very good affordable dupe Santal 33 by Le Labo perfectly captures the French perfumer’s unisex sandalwood scent in the form of a reed diffuser.

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