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The 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor costs more, too

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Last week, we posted about the latest price increases applied to the 2023 Ford Bronco. Two-door trims were up $500 or $1,250, four of the four-door trims were up $750, and options or option packages were up $150 to $1,200.The invisible hand of the market didn’t end there Bronco 6G report The Bronco Raptor’s suggested retail price has also increased by another $2,000. When he unveiled the Bronko Raptor First Drive last June, the price before the post-destination option was his $69,995, which compares favorably with the $76,395 Jeep Wrangler 392. Thanks to a series of price increases over the past nine months, the 2023 Bronco Raptor is now priced at $78,580, with a destination increase of $200 to $1,795, and a pre-option price of $80,375. Become.

With the Wrangler 392 now claiming $84,290 after destination, the sun remains between Ford and Jeep. Although slightly less sunshine than before, his previous $6,400 difference is now down to $3,915. Mind you, it’s a superficial difference. Jeep includes his Uconnect 4C with Wrangler 392 navigation. Ford is only offering his 90-day trial version of the Bronco Raptor’s Connected Navigation. He’ll have to spend $3,050 on the Lux Package to get premium infotainment and adaptive cruise control, another Jeep standard. And that takes the Ford away from the Jeep by $865.

A forum thread noted that prices soared so quickly that buyers who agreed to pay a meager dealer markup when signing pre-order deals for the Bronco Raptor last summer paid below the new MSRP. It also leads to interactions between forum members, such as when KompressorV12 writes: Mrrandol said, “At that point, the base price had already gone up by almost 8,000 this year. Assuming we keep raising prices, can we really save money by waiting? No. F150 Raptor levels.” Effectively, these are arguments about whether to give dealers more money for ADM or Ford more money for MSRP. Instead of warning buyers to choose wisely, it’s sometimes better to choose quickly.

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