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The Best Protein Powders for Women, According to a Nutritionist

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If you think of Rocky Balboa cracking an egg in a blender with the idea of ​​adding more protein to your diet, there’s good news. Getting more of this essential food group has never been easier or tastier. (Yes, no chalky powders or bars here.) From colorful protein smoothies to decadent protein pancakes, the best protein powders for women are giving this muscle-building macronutrient a makeover.

As women, many of us lead very active lives. In between running errands, chasing kids, and sneaking out training, we do it all. However, many of us don’t get enough protein each day. Partly because it’s hard to know how much you’re taking. TRUE need. And even if you think you need more protein, it can be hard to overhaul your diet to make room for protein-rich meals. This is where protein powder comes into play. With more choices on the market than ever before, women can find the perfect protein powder for every diet, lifestyle and goal.

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A nutritionist talks about the best protein powder for women

If you’re wandering down the protein powder aisle and feeling lost and overwhelmed, you’re not alone.Appointed Holistic Health Coach Edie Horstman Help decipher what to look for in a protein powder.

“Protein powders support any physical goal, whether it’s losing weight, building muscle mass, or maintaining physique,” Horstmann says. “Adding protein powder to meals and snacks is also very convenient and versatile. Consume on the go or when traveling to ensure you’re getting enough protein.”

Below, Horstmann shares some tips for finding the best protein powder for your needs. From what to look out for, potential side effects, to the crux of how to incorporate it into your daily routine, consider this your go-to guide to the best protein powders for women.

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How to buy protein powder

clearly, Major The purpose of protein powder is to provide high-quality protein to support muscle recovery and growth, whether you are a woman or not. However, some protein powders may contain additional ingredients/formulations to meet the specific needs of women.

Things to look for are:

  • quality. A high-quality protein source (pasture-fed collagen peptides, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, casein protein, or plant-based proteins such as pea, hemp, brown rice protein). They provide the complete amino acid profile needed for optimal muscle repair and growth.
  • protein content. Check nutrition label for protein content per serving. Ideally, each serving should contain at least 20 grams of protein to effectively support muscle recovery.
  • Less sugar and additives. Look for protein powders that are low in sugar and have minimal artificial additives and unnecessary fillers.
  • Digestive. Consider the digestibility of your protein powder. Aside from dairy allergies, whey protein isolates and hydrolyzed proteins are *generally* easier to digest.
  • added nutrients. Some protein powders marketed to women may contain additional ingredients such as iron, calcium, and folic acid to address specific nutritional needs.
  • flavor and taste. Read the reviews! Protein powders come in a variety of flavors and textures, so pick one that works for you. Also, consider how you incorporate your protein powder. This looks like a shaker bottle filled with liquids (in this case, make sure the powder dissolves easily), smoothies, baked goods, etc.
  • Brand reputation and certification. Choose protein powders from trusted brands that adhere to strict manufacturing practices and are third party tested for quality and purity. Additionally, look for products with certifications such as NSF Certified for Sport. This ensures that it does not contain prohibited substances.
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Tips for adding protein to your diet

Enjoy a little extra protein anytime. start up Getting protein is the key. Adding protein powder to your breakfast is a win-win. It stabilizes blood sugar, keeps you feeling full longer, and is essential for muscle repair (especially after an overnight fast).

Finally, protein has a higher thermal effect than food. This means more energy is required for digestion and metabolism is accelerated. But overall, we want protein throughout the day, even if we eat snacks. Balances blood sugar levels.

Adding protein to your meals and snacks can help you:

  • muscle growth and repair
  • healthy weight management
  • boost metabolism
  • increased satiety
  • Balance blood sugar to sustain energy
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Potential side effects of protein powder

Protein powders are generally safe for most people as long as they take the recommended dose. However, it can cause potential side effects, namely digestive problems (bloating, gas, diarrhea). Excessive protein intake can strain the kidneys and lead to long-term kidney problems, which tend to occur only in people with impaired kidney function. Some protein powders may contain allergens such as dairy, soy and gluten that can cause allergic reactions.

Protein powder and hormonal health

A quality protein powder can help balance female hormones in several ways.

  • Adequate protein intake provides the building blocks for hormone synthesis and helps regulate hormonal fluctuations. In other words, protein is necessary for the production of hormones.
  • Protein also plays a role in stabilizing blood sugar levels and may have a positive impact on hormonal balance. After all, unstable blood sugar levels can lead to potential hormonal imbalances.
  • Additionally, certain amino acids, such as tryptophan, found in protein powders support the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in mood regulation and hormonal balance.
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best protein powder for women

To help you understand exactly what to look for in a protein powder, we’ve simplified the buying process and broken it down into a few items to consider.

  • protein source. You can get protein in many forms from eggs, milk (whey or casein), or plants (soybeans, peas, hemp, brown rice). This is important to know to indicate dietary restrictions and protein content.
  • protein content. The amount of protein per serving varies by protein source and formulation. The amount of additional protein you need depends on your goals.
  • added nutrients. Are there other beneficial ingredients?
  • flavor and taste. Not all protein powders leave a chalky aftertaste. The best ones add flavor to smoothies and other protein-rich recipes.

Whether you’re trying protein powders to support your fitness goals or just to improve your overall health, there’s a great option for you. I asked Mr. Horstmann and other experts to recommend the best protein powders for women. Read on for our complete guide to finding the right protein powder for you.

All of our products are carefully curated by our editors to always give you an honest opinion, whether it’s a gift or a purchase for yourself. When you purchase something through our links, we may earn a small commission for free.

“I’m crazy about this!” says Horstmann, she’s not alone. There’s a reason this cult favorite protein her powder is so ubiquitous. Rich in protein and collagen, and It’s delicious. Fan-favorite and craving-worthy chocolate his powder to support all your health goals.

  • protein source: Lactose-free milk protein
  • protein content: 25 grams
  • Added Nutrients: collagen peptide
  • flavor and taste: chocolate

Camille Styles Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Heyman, in her words: obsession with this protein powder. “For the past 6 months my partner and I have refueled after training with this simple shake of powder, banana, almond milk and ice. We both love the vanilla flavor, it’s refreshing and delicious. It’s an easy way to incorporate protein into your diet without thinking too much.”

Plus, Isabelle says the powder has 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving, while other superfoods like maca (great for improving your mood and boosting your energy). I love being there. Flaxseeds, and vegetables (7 grams of fiber!). And while some protein powders are chalky and delicious on their own, this is a great option to simply mix with water and drink as a protein-fortified shake on the go.

  • protein source: Organic pea protein, brown rice protein and hemp protein blend
  • protein content: 20 grams
  • Added Nutrients: Blend of maca, flaxseed, vegetable and fruit powders
  • flavor and taste: Chocolate salted caramel, toffee, vanilla

Created for recovery, energy, immunity, and metabolism, this plant-based powder is perfect for reaching your fitness and wellness goals. It aids in post-workout muscle building and tissue repair while also helping to fill nutritional deficiencies.

  • protein source: Pea protein, hemp protein, sprouted brown rice protein
  • protein content: 20 grams
  • Added Nutrients: sunflower oil, triglycerides
  • flavor and taste: Vanilla

This organic protein powder is a versatile superfood supplement. Loaded with organic fruits and vegetables, you’ll get more than protein in one serving. Enjoy quality nutrition with the taste of chocolate.

  • protein source: Pea protein, rice protein
  • protein content: 21 grams
  • Added Nutrients: 19 superfoods
  • flavor and taste: chocolate

Collagen is an essential nutrient that the body no longer produces as we age. This powder formula contains a healthy amount of protein along with collagen to help firm and smooth skin, improve complexion and even support gut health.

  • protein source: eggs and cows
  • protein content: 18 grams
  • Added Nutrients: collagen
  • flavor and taste: Unscented

Putting an end to the myth that protein powders don’t taste good, Just Move now comes in flavors like banana pudding, blueberry muffins, buttercream cupcakes, and chocolate cake. No matter what you mix it with, this protein powder will definitely taste great. Sneak into your breakfast or dessert for an easy nourishment.

  • protein source: Pea protein, organic rice protein
  • protein content: 20 grams
  • Added Nutrients: green tea extract
  • flavor and taste: Banana pudding

The combination of whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate makes it easy to blend and easy to digest. Plus, a digestive enzyme complex soothes your stomach and makes real cookies crumble with every bite.

  • protein source: Whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolyzate
  • protein content: 23 grams
  • Added Nutrients: enzyme blend
  • flavor and taste: Chocolate Cookie

“I’m obsessed with Be Well protein powders,” says Horstmann. Be Well offers both vegan and grass-fed beef options, combining great ingredients with great taste. Chocolate and unflavoured options are also available so you can pick your favorite or try them all.

  • protein source: Chocolate powder
  • protein content: 20 grams
  • Added Nutrients: monk fruit
  • flavor and taste: Vanilla

Getting enough protein should not mean derailing efforts to prioritize other essential nutrients, such as fiber. Known to be rich in fiber and nutrients, our plant-based formula with Chia and Pumpkin Seeds allows you to get both protein and fiber in one delicious powder. Turvani has flavors like vanilla chai, banana cinnamon, and matcha, but this nostalgic chocolate his peanut butter is a fan favorite.

  • protein source: Pea Protein
  • protein content: 21 grams
  • Added Nutrients: chia seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • flavor and taste: Chocolate peanut butter

Ritual’s highly personalized products are customized to your specific needs. This pregnancy and postpartum shake supplement is no exception. Get extra support to give your baby all the nutrients they need with super safe formulas to support nutrition, postpartum and breastfeeding.

  • protein source: Pea protein
  • protein content: 20 grams
  • Added Nutrients: Choline (for baby neurodevelopment)
  • flavor and taste: Vanilla

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