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The Little Mermaid Makeup Artist Calls Backlash ‘Ridiculous’

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The makeup artist who helped Melissa McCarthy transform into Ursula T.he is the little mermaid The live-action remake responded to criticism that queer artists should have been given the job. Back in May, Walt Disney Studios posted a behind-the-scenes look. video King posted on Twitter that he was wearing McCarthy makeup for the role. The reaction was mostly negative. “Ursula said she was inspired by drag queens, but she didn’t mean that she had only been in drag for three months.” I have written Drag Queen Sierra La Puerta. drag racing Contestant Kelly Colby Added“[This is] There are absolutely reasons why we should hire up-and-coming queer artists with a current pulse and a vision for the future more often. In the original 1989 animated film, Ursula was of course drag inspired and designed by his Queen Divine.

King responded to the backlash in an interview. insider, called it “ridiculous” and claimed that Ursula’s final appearance in the live-action film was not based on a drag performance. In response to criticism that he should have hired a gay man instead of him, King said: Why can’t I do a job as good as a queer makeup artist? ’” he added. That’s what you’re trying to say, and if that’s what they want, so be it, but don’t put people down just because it’s not what they want. King concluded, “Make-up his artists and make-up his designers can design make-up and don’t have to be attached to the nature of what they are doing.”

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