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The shocking abuse Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr faced at Valencia revealed in new report

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On Tuesday afternoon, the Spanish Football Federation’s Competition Commission (CC) met to discuss Sunday’s match between Valencia and Real Madrid, in which Vinicius Junior was subjected to shocking racist abuse.

The CC is technically an independent body that regulates penalties and disciplinary measures at various levels in Spanish matches. It consists of 3 members. One was appointed by the Spanish Football Association, one by La Liga and the other by the government body Consejo Superior de Deportes.

Its president and “sole jury” is Carmen Perez, a Spanish lawyer appointed by the Spanish Football Federation.

Their meeting took several hours longer than usual. By evening the report was ready for publication. Valencia were handed a five-match stadium ban and a fine of €45,000 (£48,500). The red card shown to Vinicius Jr. at the end of Sunday’s game was also rescinded.

That was the gist of it, but within the pages of the report were more important details about what really happened. Here is its content.

Decision to partially close the Valencia grounds

Before kick-off, as the Real Madrid players stepped off the team bus at the gates of Valencia’s Mestalla stadium, the CC report said “hundreds of fans lined up” shouted, “You’re a monkey.” … Vinicius, you are a monkey,” was reported in detail. monkey. “

He further elaborated on the seriousness and regularity of further racist chants directed at Vinicius Jr. during the match.

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The night Vinicius Jr. decided enough was enough – he now doubts Real Madrid’s future

Sunday’s referee’s report only mentions one instance of this incident. This happened in the 73rd minute when referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoechea stopped the match and an announcement was made over the public address system as part of an anti-racism procedure.

Vinicius Jr. in the 73rd minute (Photo: Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

As caught by television cameras, Vinicius Jr. confronted fans in the stands behind the goal, pointing fingers at them and accusing them of racial abuse.

As players from both sides gathered on the scene, he seemed to say, “You, you, you’re the one who called me a monkey.” He gestured as if they were calling him a monkey or making monkey noises at him.

The CC report reflects the events of de Burgos Bengoechea, but also details further insults directed at Vinicius Jr. between this point and the end of the match. It was not quantified how many people were involved or what part of the stadium it originated from, but they said supporters were shouting and yelling.

  • “Fucking nigger, you idiot”
  • “I hate your dead Abucci son”
  • “Fool of Vinicius”
  • “Fucking Negro Son”
  • “The dog of Vinicius…the son of an idiot”
  • “Monkey, you fucking monkey”

“The Competition Commission has ordered Valencia CF to partially close five games at the Mestalla stadium,” the report said.

The stand to be closed is the South Stand, named after former Argentina international Mario Kempes.

Valencia were also fined €45,000. This is the highest financial fine ever imposed on a Spanish football club for racist abuse on the ground.

“Valencia CF wishes to express its complete opposition and outrage to the unfair and disproportionate sanctions imposed on the club by the Sports Commission,” Valencia said in a statement. added.

Vinicius Jr. Red Card Cancellation Decision

The CC report also noted that monkey chants were heard during the match, and that after Vinicius Jr. was sent off in the 90th minute, “the whole stand chanted ‘monkey, monkey’.” there is

Vinicius Jr. was shown a red card after pushing and pushing between multiple players on both sides in stoppage time. De Burgos Bengoechea initially showed Vinicius Jr. a yellow card.

After being directed to review the footage, VAR provided footage of Vinicius Jr. raising his hand to Hugo Duro’s face. It wasn’t shown how the Valencia forward put his arm around the Brazilian’s neck shortly before.

According to CC, as part of the body of evidence submitted by Real Madrid for this report, Vinicius Jr.’s behavior was characterized as follows: , (he) instinctively separates rival players. ”

Vinicius Jr. demonstrates the abuse he suffered (Photo: Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images)

The referee later requested that Vinicius Jr.’s dismissal be overturned, CC reports, as the VAR footage did not show the full details of the physical confrontation.

The CC report said the referee was “deprived of a crucial piece of fact” and was “impossible to adequately assess what happened”.

Match referee Iglesias Villanueva, who was in charge of the VAR team in Sunday’s game, will be removed from his role again on Monday night, following a decision by the Spanish Football Association and the technical refereeing committee. became.

Vinicius Jr. is now free for Real Madrid’s final game of the season. A red card would have resulted in a suspension for two of the remaining three games.

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Vinicius Jr. withdrawn red card but will not play against Rayo Vallecano

However, the Brazilian is not expected to play at home to Rayo Vallecano on Wednesday with a knee problem, putting his trip to Sevilla on Saturday in jeopardy.

Former player Alberto Ejogo-Owono said. athletic football podcast He talked about his experiences with racism in Spanish football, how it made him feel and what he should do to eradicate racism. Below is part of a conversation between Mark Chapman and Dermot Corrigan…

“If you want to play football in Spain, you have to assume that these things can happen. It can happen.

“My father always said, ‘Okay, guys, if you want to play football, you have to expect these things to happen.’ So you have to be 120 percent stronger. 100 percent more. You have to be consistent.”

“But the arrival of Vinicius is a milestone for me.”

(Top photo: Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images)

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