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The signs of heart disease your phone can spot

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Other researchers are developing techniques that use cell phone cameras to measure other aspects of heart health, such as blood pressure.

Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, and Hangzhou Normal University in Zhejiang, China, Slight changes in facial blood flow from a selfie video using a smartphone’s front-facing camera.

Another team of Chinese scientists used a smartphone to take four photos—a frontal view, two side views, and one top-down view—to get a picture of heart health. We have developed a deep learning algorithm that can detect other signs.Algorithm seemed to focus Subtle changes especially in cheeks, forehead and noseWrinkles and creases under the skin, fatty deposits, etc. that are difficult to detect with the human eye.

It correctly detected heart disease in 80% of cases, but incorrectly identified risk in 46% of cases. This means that not seeking further professional medical diagnosis may cause unnecessary anxiety to the patient. (Read more about invisible warning signs that predict your health.)

The device could be an “inexpensive, simple and effective” way to identify patients who need further investigation, said a cardiologist at China’s National Cardiovascular Disease Center who was involved in the study. increase.

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And there’s even hope that smartphones will provide a cheaper, more portable way to diagnose hard-to-find heart conditions. , has developed a prototype of a handheld ultrasound scanner that can be linked to a smartphone to generate images. Echocardiogram to monitor blood flow It’s flowing in my heart

While many of these technologies are still in the research and pilot stages of development, there are already several ways to check your health on your phone.

Elizabeth Woyke, author of The Smartphone: Anatomy of an Industry, Riva Track your blood pressure using your phone’s camera and camera flash. “If you put her finger on the camera on her phone, it will measure the waveforms in her blood vessels and track her blood pressure, which is amazing,” she says.

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