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The Ultimate French-Inspired Happy Hour

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It’s time to admit to myself that I am, by definition, a Frenchie.i’m very bad “Method [Dress/Eat/Wash Your Face] You look like a French girl.” heading.i’m obsessed Observe the daily life of Parisians In the most fashionable and easy-going outfits. And I’ve read not one but two great books about New Yorkers who have abandoned their fast lane lives and sought a slower, more purposeful life in France. (Jamie Bex Provence American and Ajiriaki JoaBoth are highly recommended. )

As Ajiri goes through Austin, Joa, was honored to have her at Camille’s home for a casual get-together. And yes, it was a little more glittery and more celebratory than usual, but the late afternoon event perfectly embodied its true heart and soul. Apero. For those of you who don’t know yet, here are some magical ways to host an event. Apero.

What is Apero?

French “aperitif,” Apero is a pre-dinner (or lunch!) gathering that celebrates the joys of delicious appetizers, refreshing beverages, and relaxed conversation. A relaxed pre-dinner gathering focused on friends, family and conversation without spending hours in the kitchen.Everything you need to host AperoA quick trip to the market and a text message to a friend.?

the magic of Apero That means it can be done deliberately or voluntarily. The French have perfected the art of talking about their hobbies, travels and all the pleasures of life over champagne and freshly baked baguettes. We are planning how to organize the event as it will be a great way to get together this summer. Apero A quick “do’s (eat a quick snack)” and “don’ts (talk about work)” are also just ahead.

Step 1: Set the Scene

Ann Apero It’s meant to be fun. For a host, that might mean bringing out good pottery (an important lesson I learned from Ajiri). Get your favorite platters, decorative bowls, and cute little tableware. Pull out etched glassware and vintage plates. Sure, it’s a relaxing get-together, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and authentic to you. If you have a candle, light it. Never underestimate the power of fresh flowers. Remember, the goal is to create a safe environment for everyone.

When it comes to menus, simplicity is best.of JoaAjiri notes that a bowl of chips and nuts can also help. It’s perfectly fine to scour the pantry for salty snacks. Ultimately, choose appetizers that are easy to prepare with minimal time and effort. And remember that the goal here is only to stimulate the appetite, not to completely destroy it. Here are some classic options to consider.

  1. Fresh vegetable crudité. Prepare a colorful assortment of fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, carrot sticks, peppers, cherry tomatoes and radishes. Serve with a variety of dips such as hummus, tzatziki and salsa.
  2. Charcuterie. Serve a selection of meats, olives and nuts on chic snack plates.
  3. cheese. Ajiri told me that cheese is served only before dessert in France. However, if you live elsewhere, it’s perfectly fine to nibble on different cheeses before dinner.
  4. baguette. Freshly baked baguettes are the best here, especially if you are in France. Farmers Any Parisian would be proud if he stopped by a market or a local bakery for a freshly baked baguette. (But otherwise my lips are closed.) Always serve with good butter and flaky salt.

Step 3: Choose your drink

no french Apero It wouldn’t be complete without a good drink. Here’s what you need:

  1. glassware. Grab your favorite wine glass, champagne coup, or flute.
  2. wine or champagne. If you choose wine, choose something light and sweet. A refreshing white wine is a simple choice.
  3. aperitif. Enjoy classic French aperitifs such as Kir, a French cocktail made from rillettes, pastis, or crème de cassis (cassis liqueur) with white wine.
  4. Water and other snacks. For a non-alcoholic option, have a simple mocktail with sparkling water, fresh fruit, and herbs.

Step 4: Relax and Enjoy

ritual key Apero Let go of perfectionism and embrace the here and now. Let the conversation flow naturally and enjoy the joy of good company. Stop talking about work (the French never allow it) and instead turn the conversation to your next trip, ask about hobbies and share stories. And above all, savor the moment.

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