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Top nine Aldi secrets to save money

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An ALDI enthusiast shared 9 tips to save even more money at discount stores.

Money-saving expert Becky said she cut the price of her grocery bill “half” thanks to these tricks at Aldi.

Aldi Super Fan Shares Her 9 ‘Secrets’ To Save More In StoreCredit: Getty

and YouTube videos Posted on her channel, Becky (@freebie lady) shared her best ‘secrets’ to help you save money on your next trip to Aldi.

Let’s dive right in.

1. buy spices

Many of the spices sold at Aldi are made by McCormick, whose products are also sold at large retailers such as Walmart and Kroger.

However, the spices you find at Aldi are often significantly cheaper, even if the product is exactly the same.

2. shopping on wednesday

Becky recommended shopping on Wednesday. This is because the Aldi store introduces new offers every week.

On Wednesday, Aldi will release the Aldi Finds in-store catalog. This allows you to be the first to get limited edition products and special discounts.

3. pick-up produce

Aldi offers many of the same fruits and vegetables for significantly less than its competitors.

The supermarket has improved the freshness of its products in recent years to compete with more expensive stores.

In fact, you’ll find brands such as Driscolls berries are cheaper at Aldi than at other supermarkets.

Four. Bring a Quarter

One way Aldi keeps grocery prices low is by reducing the cost of the in-store experience.

Instead of hiring someone to organize abandoned carts in parking lots, Aldi asks shoppers to put a quarter into their carts.

However, if you forget the quarter, an Aldi employee can provide it.

Five. bring your own bag

Another difference at Aldi is that employees don’t pack the bags and the store doesn’t offer free bags.

You can bring your own bag or use the spare cardboard boxes around the store.

Once you’ve checked out, there’s an area to pack your own bags before heading out.

6. Be careful with named brands

Aldi offers store brands at surprisingly low prices, but also has name brands like Pringles, Goldfish and Chips Ahoy. It can be more expensive.

For example, 25.3 oz Chips Ahoy! The US Sun compared two stores and it was $6.39 at Aldi and just $5.98 at Walmart.

So check other grocery store prices before adding these items to your Aldi cart.

“Keep the basics in mind when shopping at Aldi,” advised Becky.

She also encouraged shoppers to look elsewhere for toilet paper, toiletries, and household items.

7. Use cashback app

One of Aldi’s drawbacks is that the store doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay full price for what you find.

The giveaway lady recommended using the Ibotta, Checkout51 and Fetch Rewards cashback apps on Aldi.

These apps are free to download and can save you money at many other popular stores as well.

8. cash register discount

Aldi’s cashier has the power to change the price of an item without calling the manager.

This doesn’t mean you can start bargaining on all prices, but you can offer a discount if, for example, one of the apples in your bag looks moldy.

9. double back guarantee

Take your groceries home and if you’re unsatisfied with your product, take it back to the store and take advantage of Aldi’s generous return policy.

Aldi will not only exchange your item for another item, but will give you a full refund.

The store calls this the “Twice as Nice Guarantee”.

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Check out what a thrifty couple bought on their first visit to Aldi.

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