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Tottenham’s Fabio Paratici has Italian football ban extended worldwide by FIFA

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Fabio Paratici, Tottenham Hotspur’s managing director of football, has further jeopardized his position in the Premier League after he was suspended by the Italian FA (FIGC) for alleged financial misconduct by FIFA.

Paratici was set to lead Tottenham’s search for a new head coach after Antonio Conte left the club by mutual consent on Sunday.

FIFA confirmed Wednesday morning that it has extended Paratych’s 30-month ban. athletic.

“FIFA is pleased to announce that, at the request of the FIGC, the Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Commission has decided to extend the sanctions imposed by the FIGC on several football officials to have global impact. I can confirm.”

The 50-year-old has accused 11 people of being banned from Italian football after the FIGC reopened a losing case around this time last year using new evidence gathered in a separate criminal investigation known as Prisma. He is one of the former Juventus executives.

All 11 have denied any wrongdoing and the appeal against the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) sanctions will be heard by the Italian Olympic Committee on 19 April.


Why was Paratisi leading Tottenham’s manager search before his suspension was extended?

What does Paratyci’s suspension mean for Spurs?

Jack Pitt-Brook, Tottenham correspondent: If Fabio Paratici is banned from playing football not only in Italy, but everywhere, including England, there is no doubt that he will not be able to continue as managing director of football at Tottenham. Very embarrassing.

First, because it created this huge undertaking of reorganizing the structure of the club. When Daniel Levy chooses to appoint him in May 2021, serious questions arise as to whether any due diligence was done.

Then there’s the question of how the Spurs have responded since Paratici was first banned in Italy. As a club, they have said nothing about Paratyci’s future. When it looked like he could be sidelined at Spurs – he was not mentioned in the official statement announcing Antonio Conte’s departure on Sunday night – he appeared on the club’s website on Tuesday night. was brought out for an interview with

That interview was still on the Spurs site Wednesday morning, just as FIFA confirmed the Italian FA’s banned list would be banned from all football.

Who else is banned?

The FIGC ban included 10 Juventus executives and Paratyci. The club’s then-president Andrea Agnelli, who was banned for 24 months, and former Juventus player-turned-director Pavel Nedved, who were banned for eight months, were also among the targets.

All 11 have had Italian football bans extended by FIFA. They are:

  • Fabio Paratici
  • Federico Cherubini
  • Andrea Agnelli
  • Pavel Nedved
  • Enrico Verano
  • Paolo Galimberti
  • Asia Grazioli Venier
  • Maurizio Arrivabene
  • Kaitlyn Mary Hughes
  • Daniela Marilungo
  • Francesco Roncario

What is Juventus accused of?

Juventus has been accused of false corporate communications, false communications to the stock market and obstruction of the supervisory authority (CONSOB), with prosecutors alleging transfer earnings were artificially inflated to balance the books. I’m here.

They have since suffered a 15-point deduction in Serie A this season.


Description: Why Juventus docked points and what it means

What about Paratych’s “Black Book”?

Paratici’s ‘Black Book’ was of particular interest to investigators while searching the Juventus premises.

‘Libro Nero FP’ – Entitled ‘Black Book FP’, the piece of paper was described as a ‘disturbing’ document in the statement of reasons for the 15-point penalty handed down against Juventus by the Football Court of Appeal.

The ‘Black Book’ included a conversation with Federico Cherubini, who was Juventus’ men’s team director.

The paper has four sections: Management, Strategy, Relationships, and Behavior. “How did we get here?” he wrote. “Signless nonsense” Dejan Kulusevski’s name is in brackets after this. This is an example of a player, in Cherubini’s opinion, whom Juventus paid the odds for and on the back of his turbulent four months at Parma he agreed to a deal worth €44 million.

Further down, under the heading ‘Strategy’, there is a line ‘Overuse of Artificial Plus Valenze’ with arrows pointing to ‘Immediate Profit’ and ‘Amortization Load’.

When TV Show Reports reached out to Paratici for comment on the hypothesis of the accusation put forward by the Turin prosecutor, he said: Someone is attacking and someone else can only defend and cannot cross the halfway line. ”


The Juventus scandal is terrible for Serie A as a whole.

What did Paratych say on Tuesday?

Paratici commented earlier this week on Conte’s departure and Tottenham’s goals for the rest of the season.

He also spoke about Tottenham’s search for a new head coach and sent a personal message to supporters in north London.

In a lengthy interview with Tottenham’s official website, Paratisi said: With 10 games left, of course we need the fans to reach our goals.

“We know how difficult this season has been for him (Conte) personally, how difficult Gian Piero (Ventrone) died, (Gianluca) Vialli and his surgery. The club supported him a lot in that and everyone is very close to each other, but then we came to this mutual agreement and I think the decision we made was the right one for everyone.

“We don’t talk about other coaches or follow media speculation because that’s just speculation. Right now we’re focused on helping Cristian and helping the staff, Ryan and the players. Today is important. I think we have to focus on the team and the manager because it’s a big moment.”

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