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Twitch walks back controversial ad rules policy

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On Tuesday, Twitch announced new rules for how streamers can display ads on the platform. The rule prohibits “burning” of video, display and audio ads, the first two of which were common formats used across his Twitch. Twitch apparently didn’t discuss the new rules with ambassadors and streamers beforehand, and many were outraged by the new policy.

Twitch content creators denounced the change on social media. OTK is a network of popular high-value streamers such as: asmon goldhas been released In an open letter to Twitch, he said:“The once unique and admirable vision of a creator-first platform now seems like a distant dream.”

Charity streamers were shaken and horrified, believing the new rules would affect their ability to raise funds. The same is true for esports creators, who will find it more difficult for the already struggling esports industry to monetize their broadcasts under the new rules.

Twitch apologized for the disclosure and said it would rewrite the rules to make them clearer. Now the rewrite seems to be a complete and complete withdrawal of the rule. From his Twitter thread at the company:

Yesterday, we released new branded content guidelines that impact our ability to work with sponsors to increase revenue from streaming. These guidelines are harmful to both you and Twitch and we will remove them immediately. Sponsorships are very important to a streamer’s growth and ability to earn income. We do not prevent you from entering into a direct relationship with the Sponsor. You will continue to own and control the Sponsorship Business. We want to work with the community to create the best possible experience on Twitch, and that means we need to be clear about what we do and why we do it. We appreciate your feedback and cooperation with this change.

The new rules could have devastating effects for creators, charities, esports broadcasters and brands. Now, what appeared to be another attempt to steal some of the revenue from streamers backfired.

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