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U.K. Government’s Net Zero Review Claims Car-Shaped Electric Cars Reduce Congestion

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Electric cars are heavier than gas cars, but they have roughly the same dimensions and are just as loud at 15 miles per hour or more. It’s strange that a report commissioned by the UK government claims that electric cars can “reduce noise and congestion”.

The allegations were made today on the facts otherwise mission zero report, Net Zero Review written by Chris Skidmore MP. Chris Skidmore MP is the former Energy Minister who was responsible for signing into law the UK’s Net Zero Commitment. June 2019.

Released January 13, the 340-page report provides 129 recommendations covering areas such as the bigger role businesses can support, making better use of infrastructure, and providing more energy-efficient housing. It has been.

Skidmore, the government’s unofficial “net-zero tour,” said, “In our race to net-zero emissions by 2050, we have exceeded expectations, and we are doing better in tackling climate change.” We should be proud that the UK has led the way.”

His report politely but firmly condemned the government’s net-zero advances, praising electric vehicles as “reducing noise and congestion and providing a more reliable and affordable service.” I’m here.

An increase of 32 million cars in the UK is battery-powered, but no shorter or narrower than a car powered by an internal combustion engine. In 2021, the space occupied by cars will increase, according to a report from the RAC Foundation.of car organization found That car is now a third fatter than it was in 1965.

“Not only are the cars bigger, there are more cars,” said a statement from the RAC Foundation.

“In 1965 there were only 7.7 million cars on the roads in Britain. In 1995 there were 21.4 million. Today there are 31.7 million.”

The Automobile Association said the average width of the top five cars sold in the UK in 1965 was 1.5m. Now, the average width of the top five cars has swelled to his 1.8 meters, a drop in parking spaces designed for narrow cars.

A 2019 academic report funded by the UK government argued that the use of electric vehicles could lead to increased car use, leading to increased congestion and an unhealthy society with an obesity epidemic. .

Shifting Focus: Net Zero Carbon UK Energy Demand produced by Research Center for Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS)is a consortium of 40 academics from 13 UK institutions.

The CREDS report argues that continued reliance on automobiles, electric or otherwise, will lead to “urban sprawl, inactive lifestyles and congestion.”

“The predominant reliance on vehicle electrification to meet carbon targets could result in increased traffic congestion due to the low cost and low taxation of electric fuel.”

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