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What Have You Learned From Your Grandparents/Elders?

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Millie Lulu Goddard

I can’t say much yet without shedding tears, or at least a few hard swallows and blinks in a row, but my dear Grandmother, Millie, spent Thursday night over tea and a cup with her loved ones. Surrounded, died peacefully in his sleep. A hymn played on the radio.

Millie Goddard's house in Cornwall

This weekend I thought a lot about what she taught our whole family as an example. I felt a deep sense of joy. She used to say, “Aren’t we lucky?” or “I’m so spoiled”. She leaned into her daily ritual, she drank a million cups of tea and never turned down a cup of tea. billionaire shortbreadIt was clear that she was approachable and joyful to people. Young or old, I don’t think she ever met anyone without calling her “mate,” “chap,” or “darling.” She welcomed absolutely everyone into her home with open arms.

House tour in Cornwall, England

Once, when Millie’s head started to blur, my cousin and her boyfriend came to visit and stayed the night. Of course, the house had guests, and of course we knew them. Of course, it was all fine and as it should have been. Millie was wonderfully relaxed in every way and her openness permeated her entire family.

This weekend Alex took Toby to a Yankees game and on the way home he texted me this photo and a note. He’s on the train he’s a 70 year old woman’s life He gets a story ❤️’ And I thought Toby was me but that’s because I’m Millie.

Joanna Goddard Cornwall

Toby Goddard Williams

Anton Goddard Williams

I miss Millie. I can’t wait to go to Cornwall to celebrate her in a few weeks, but for now I’m very, very grateful to squeeze the baby, see the birds and eat her shortbread.

Joanna Goddard Cornwall England

What have you learned from your grandparents and elders? I would love to hear from you. XO XO

PS Millie has been reading poetry in Cornwall, spending time in her lovely yellow house and traveling around England over the years.

(Two photos above Bellacy.)

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