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What Small, Inexpensive Things Make Your Life Easier?

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What random items make your life easier? I once asked poet Kate Baer this question, and she quickly responded:this phone holder for my car. It sticks to the vent. If you have a flashy car you probably don’t need it, but mine isn’t flashy and I don’t have a safe place to look at the map! ”

Inspired, I bought the car one for my trusty Volkswagen and it really made driving easier. Now I even take it with me on trips where I know I’ll be renting a car.

Here are our team’s answers to your questions: Looking forward to your reply…

Joanna Goddard, Editor
Lifesaver: dimmer switch

“Close friends tease me that after coming to their apartment and handing them a bottle of wine or stinky cheese, I quietly clean, dim a few lamps, or turn the overhead. (I only do it with bffs, of course!) very relax.for our home i added dimming cord All the table and floor lamps now light up the whole place. ”

Jannelle Sanchez, Associate Editor
Lifesaver: tortilla warmer

“I’m a firm believer that everyone should have a tortilla warmer. Even if you only eat a few times a year, this is a must. It will stay warm and moist, but if you leave it on the plate, it will become hard, cold and dry within 5 minutes. terrible

Jenny Rosenstruck, food columnist
Lifesaver: extra measuring cup

“Whenever I’m looking for my hard worker these days, measuring cupOf course it’s not a tragedy, but when I had that ahaha moment when I could spend $3 and always have clean money at my disposal, that’s what I was doing. I couldn’t believe how happy it made me.

Maureen Heffernan, Marketing Director
Lifesaver: 10ft phone charging cable

“My phone was constantly dying because I use it all day for work calls. 10 foot charging cable, you can always leave it plugged in, no matter where you are in the room, and it’s long enough that it won’t get caught behind the sofa. ”

Kaitlyn Teer, Contributing Editor
Lifesaver: smart plug

“I love the coffee pouring ritual, but I missed the convenience of a programmable coffee maker. smart outlet Switching on 15 minutes before my alarm went off was a game changer. I wake up early and write in the quiet hours before my kids start their day. Hot water is already waiting for you in the kitchen when you get out of bed. ”

What are the little things that make your life easier? Please share below…

P.S. Funny or not, and the best movie I’ve seen in years.

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