uncertainty principle book

Last summer on her Magical Home Tour, author Katherine Newman claimed that the book everyone wants to read when staying in someone else’s home is Myra Kalman’s illustrated masterpiece. bottom uncertainty principle“It’s funny,” she says. “You can get through it. I recommend this to everyone as hosting.”

did you read that? The book is very charming and compelling—with her illustrations of a tomato bisque, a woman in an opera costume, a cute dog, Henry VIII and his wives, and thoughts on death. increase. but! I have one more book to recommend for the guest bedroom…

Sit Actually Lindy West

shit, actually By Lindy West. did you read that? This is the funniest book I’ve read in years. Lindy recaps and hilariously waters down the iconic films of her past four decades. office; notebook; honey, I shrunk the children. and of course love actuallyYou can pick it up and die laughing at every page you turn.

What would you suggest for a mass-pleasing book that guests can hang out with? My next two options are a collection of mini-memoirs and Mindy Kaling essayShare your reco below…also! An updated tour of the house is scheduled for this afternoon and I’m looking forward to sharing it.(This is his last one from 5 years ago.) xoxo

PS My favorite book of late and how to be a great guest.

(photo courtesy Lindsey Hannah for Cup of Joe)