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Who is trans advocate Dylan Mulvaney?

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(CNN) Dylan Mulvaney is a unique star of the 21st century.she became Famous on TikTokshe pivoted from musical theater to advocacy when she came out as transgender. I gained fame.

Her online persona is overwhelmingly positive. But when she started posting sponsored videos, firefly lightOlay, Nike, and her accounts were flooded with anti-transhate.

CNN has reached out to Mulvaney’s representatives for comment.

Mulvaney’s brand partnership sparked a new wave of anti-trans attacks. Many of these critics, including celebrities and members of Congress, have misunderstood, degraded, and even threatened her in their comments. , was to ignore them.

Mulvaney has become a pandemic-era TikTok star

Mulvaney began her career in theater, touring North America as one of the main cast members in hit musicals.Book of MormonBut when the pandemic canceled most in-person events in 2020, Mulvaney turned to TikTok, where she posted a bright and informative clip about her life as a queer.

After gaining a sizeable following during the pandemic, Malvaney emerged as a trans woman March 2022. She told fans, “She was scared and a little embarrassed at the thought of[she]turning herself back into binary.” That inner child she knew for years she was a girl.

Thus began her TikTok series ‘Days of Girlhood’. The series chronicled nearly every day of her transition, from her experience with hormone replacement therapy to the hatred from anti-trans opponents to her consequences. facial feminization surgeryor FFS.

Other notable moments include the 221st day. Interview with President Joe Biden We asked Now This News and Biden if they supported states’ rights to ban gender-affirming healthcare. He quoted her late son, then-Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who had advocated measures to protect trans residents in Delaware, telling her he would not support it. Told. And on the 279th day, the day before her surgery, she said, Doxedmeaning the viewer leaked their home address online without her consent.

She celebrated 365 days in March. Live performance in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Centerproceeds will go to the Trevor Project, an LGBTQ suicide prevention organization.

Large brand partnership sparks anti-trans outrage

As her online popularity grew, Mulvaney began partnering with big brands like Kate Spade, natural deodorant company Native, and hair care line Olaplex.but easily Bud Light Digital Ads Some fans of the brand sent a deluge of anti-trans hate her way.

In a clip shot shortly after celebrating 365 days, Mulvaney joked that he didn’t know what March Madness was, but was going to enjoy it with a can of Bud Light. I also sent her a personalized can with her face on it.

Bud Light’s sponsorship of Malvaney has prompted some anti-transgender critics to call a boycott of the brand.Kid Rock Filmed Himself beer photography example, concludes his video with “f**k Bud Light and f**k Anheuser-Busch.”Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw called In a “ridiculous” ad in an Instagram video, he said he “throws out all the Bud Lights in the fridge” and found no cans of Bud Lights in his garage mini-fridge. But in the fridge were some Karbach beers, a brand owned by Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch.Daily Beast I have written Crenshaw’s boycott attempt “failed.”

Dylan Mulvaney drew ire from anti-transgender brand fans after promoting Bud Light in an Instagram post.

In a statement to outlets including Rolling Stone buzzfeedAnheuser-Busch said earlier this month: , like Dylan Mulvaney. This commemorative tin is a gift to celebrate a personal milestone and is not sold to the general public.

Bud Light has not posted Instagram Mulvaney was on this account even before he shared the ad on April 1st.

Similar anti-trans hate ensued after Mulvaney posted a Nike ad this month. You commented back on one of your recent Instagram posts.

“You are an integral part of the success of your community! Comments that contribute to positive and constructive discussion are welcome,” says Nike. wrote in the comments, pinned to the top of the post. “Be kind (heart emoji) inclusive (heart emoji) encourage each other (heart emoji)”

Mulvaney also recently appeared on TikTok advertisement For Olay, who has caused some anti-trans users to call for a boycott of the brand.

The backlash has also attracted some high-profile figures. Howard Stern and Rosie O’Donnell, speaking out in support of Mulvaney. “As long as you’re not hurting anyone, I’m part of your team,” Stern said on an episode of his Sirius XM radio show.

The criticism directed at TikTok stars is just the latest trend in a growing wave of hate directed at queer and transgender people in the United States. As of April 3, according to ACLU data: Record number of anti-LGBTQ bills 417 bills have been introduced this year, compared to 180 bills introduced last year. Many are aimed at transgender youth seeking access to gender-affirming health care.mulvaney is talked How the gender-affirming care she received “brought[her]so much peace” and should be made more widely available to trans people seeking it.

Mulvaney says trying to orchestrate anti-trans hate

Dylan Mulvaney presented the award at the PFLAG National 50th Anniversary Gala in March.

and Rolling Stone interview Last week, Mulvaney said he tried to give anti-trans critics a chance, but found their position to be rooted in “pure hate.”

“I’m making a little peace now with the fact that people have issues with my transgenderness and my joy,” she told Rolling Stone earlier this month. It has nothing to do with me. I have to think about the people I admire celebrating this version of myself. They are the people I should listen to.”

she posted more concisely message on her social profile.

“This song just felt right given the week I’ve been through,” she said. I have written In the caption that accompanied a clip from the Day 365 performance, she sang “No One is Alone” from the musical Into the Woods. do not have”

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