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Why I Don’t Like Buying Groceries at Target

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It’s not entirely about the price.

Key Point

  • When I go to Target, I rarely go for the express purpose of buying food.
  • I like to buy food at my usual grocery store or Costco.
  • I buy more specific items at Target and the groceries are cheaper than elsewhere.

I rarely live in remote areas, but I happen to be in what I call the Target Dead Zone. That is, there is no target location that is particularly nearby or convenient. Because of this, most of the shopping I do at Target tends to be online.After all, I probably shopping at target Less often than the average consumer.

But when I go to Target, I almost never go there with the intention of buying groceries. This is not to say I won’t impulsively buy a few stacks or grab a staple item if I’m already there. We do not visit targets on purpose.

I don’t want to be tempted to buy something else

When you go grocery shopping at your local supermarket, you may be tempted to buy some extra crisps or fancy cookies. But that doesn’t mean you go to ShopRite and come home with cushions, loungewear and new sneakers. At Target, maybe.

That’s why I don’t like buying groceries at Target.You might make an extra $100 when you shop for bread, yogurt, and pasta credit card Because I was tempted by various items. Instead, I usually only visit Target when I’m looking to buy a toy as a birthday present, or when I’m looking for apparel for my child.

Found cheaper alternatives to groceries

Target tends to offer competitive prices on many items, including groceries, but other stores tend to offer better prices for certain things I tend to buy. Also, I eat a lot shopping at costco Because you can load a lot of goods cheaply.

For example, my family eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. Buying at Target or a regular supermarket can cost him double what you would pay at Costco. Similarly, we use a lot of milk and cheese in our home. These items are significantly cheaper at Costco.

Well, say shopping at a Costco like Target can open the door to temptation.

But Costco’s character is huge, and all its food aisles (at least my local store) are nowhere near where you’ll find glamorous items like cute apparel. I don’t do many impulse purchases.

And even my unplanned food purchases tend to be limited to the holiday season, when Costco usually stocks a variety of gourmet sweets en masse. There is a tendency and there is no deviation from it.

The Best Stores to Shop – When the Circumstances Match

I like going to Target and browsing the aisles. But doing so tends to cost you extra money in a lot of ways, so I wouldn’t make it my go-to source for groceries. I want to make it a shop that I go to occasionally. Believe me when I say it’s much better for my wallet.

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