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Why I Quit Beast Mode and How I Traded Burnout for Peace and Balance

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“Beast Mode.” Pretty terrible, don’t you think?

It’s like an adrenaline-pumping roar, a call to arms. It’s a way of life where you do your best in everything you do.

I have lived by this mantra most of my life. And I was proud to have lived like this.

In fact, I had a sticker on my bathroom mirror that said “Beast Mode” and I stared at it the whole time. It was a constant reminder to work hard every day and reach further.

But check reality here. Life shouldn’t be a non-stop action movie or an eternal Olympic sprint.

If you live like that, you will always be running empty.

In fact, I felt like I had a 1% battery on my phone for crazy times.

And I’m not just talking about feeling physically annihilated. I was shivering both mentally and emotionally. I thought there must be something better than living in beast mode forever…running through the smoke…running through each day.

In the end, everything clicked for me. I realized that I was too busy, too obsessed with “price” and lost sight of the “why”…for what?

After all, busyness shouldn’t equate to value.

And that’s when I decided to shift gears from the non-stop grind mode of beast mode to what I now call “best mode,” a thoughtful pace.

beast mode and best mode

beast mode It’s like running full throttle all the time. It’s all about maximum effort, maximum speed, and maximum power. While incredibly effective in the short term, it can also lead to burnout and disorientation in the long term.

best mode Finding a sustainable, balanced and purposeful way of life. It’s about setting conscious, meaningful goals and pursuing them at a thoughtful pace. This is an approach that emphasizes self-care, reflection, and mindful action as much as achievement and productivity. In best mode, you’re enjoying the journey, not just achieving it. You’re not just busy, you’re living your best life.

Now I am here to share my journey from beast mode to best mode, the transition from human act to human. And let me tell you, it not only enriched my life, it made it infinitely more fulfilling and, dare I say it, much more enjoyable.

The charm of beast mode

We live in a world where the phrase “do more!” is always popular. more! Achieve more! ”

And Beast Mode fits perfectly into this spirit.

It’s not just a way of thinking. it is a state.

It is about relentlessly striving for success, pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers.

Indeed, it gives you buzz and excitement. I remember the thrill and fascination of going into beast mode. The feeling that you are invincible, that you are a monstrous being, that you are an unstoppable force. There was something intoxicating about it, something that grabbed me and grabbed me.

Cons of Constant Beast Mode

But here’s the kicker. Living in Beast Mode is like running on a treadmill that is always on top speed. Tired and exhausted.

I’m running at breakneck speed, but where are you going?

what are you actually achieving?

How much does it cost?

Because in the midst of this constant pursuit, you start to lose sight of what really matters.

Relationships, inner peace, and the simple joys of life. They are all left in the dust.

Additionally, beast mode often leads to a more beastly mood. I often feel nervous. Or just tired.

Basically, Beast Mode is a relentless toil that takes you straight down a one-way street to Burnoutsville. Believe me, this is a place you don’t want to go.

The value of balance against burnout

Over time, I began to see through the illusion.

I began to realize that life is more than a marathon, more than a series of boxes to tick.

The good life is about appreciating the moments, the simple joys, the quiet joys in between.

It’s about a child’s laughter in the house, a family meal, a good book on a lazy afternoon.

These simple moments are the essence of a good life. They are the threads that weave the tapestry of our existence.

And these threads started to matter to me more than any credit or accolades.

So one morning, I ripped the “Beast Mode” sticker off my bathroom mirror and started trying to live differently.

How to Quit Beast Mode and Burnout

Saying goodbye to Beast Mode wasn’t easy. It was like trying to cut ties with a toxic friend you didn’t want to let go of.

But when I managed to get out of there, it felt like a breath of fresh air. I found peace, tranquility and balance.

And I found the balance to be better than Beast Mode.

Calm mornings, shared stories, slow afternoons, dancing to music during the day were my new triumphs.

These simple, peaceful and intimate moments became my newfound success criteria.

And those really became the most important milestones.

5 tips for quitting beast mode and embracing best mode

Now, for those of you who have followed along with me, here are some honest advice from my own experience.

Here are my top tips for quitting Beast Mode, and thus Burnout Mode.

1. Embrace the joy of missing (JOMO).

It’s perfectly okay to say “no” to things. The world doesn’t collapse when you miss a meeting or skip a gym session. You are not the fulcrum of the universe, as it may feel at times. Relax, let go, and relish the joy you missed.

2. Redefine success.

Success doesn’t necessarily mean working hard 24/7. It’s about finding balance, achieving contentment, and enjoying peace. It’s not a one-size-fits-all concept. Define success on your own terms and blame the world.

3. Cultivate mindfulness.

please exist Enjoy the moment. It’s not the one waiting around the corner, nor the one five years from now. I’m talking about this moment, this moment. It’s fleeting, ephemeral, but worth noting.

4. Prioritize relationships.

Remember that people are what matter in your life. Not your achievements, not your job, not the number of zeros in your bank account. People, relationships, they enrich your life. So make time for them. Even if that means withholding the Beast Mode persona.

5. Balance, balance, balance.

I can’t stress this enough. Life is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. It’s a journey meant to be savored, not rushed through. It’s important to find balance, maintain stability, and juggle different aspects of life so you don’t just run blindly toward the ever-distant finish line. My friends, balance is the key to a fulfilling life.

Bottom Line: Quit Beast Mode and Get Burned Out

You are done. This is the story of why I abandoned beast mode and chose best mode, balanced life.

And I have zero regrets. In fact, I couldn’t be happier.

So take a moment to think about where you are and where you’re headed.

What would your life be like if you quit beast mode and embraced a balanced life instead?

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