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Why Millennials Refuse To Work These 9 Jobs

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Every generation works differently, and millennials are no exception. This group grew up learning, socializing, and playing online. Technology therefore plays an important role on the personal front. and professional life.

Many members of this collective also graduated from college during the Great Recession. Some struggle to get a decent job, pay off student loans, and hit big financial milestones like buying a home. As a result, millennials are often drawn to stable career paths.

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Millennials also reject the profit-first mindset of business in favor of a people-first way of operating. They are socially conscious and seek roles that match their values ​​and ideals.

According to a recent article on MSN, this generation has flatly refused to take certain jobs. Below, we’ll take a look at what professions they avoid and why.

factory worker

Millennials crave intellectual stimulation and creative outlets. The position of a factory worker will probably bring them to tears because the work is repetitive and rigidly defined, with no room for experimentation or personal touch.

cashier or retail store clerk

Members of the millennial generation want to earn a good salary (who can blame them?). Right now, the minimum income they can be happy with is $60,000. In other words, taking on the jobs of cashiers and retail clerks does not meet the need for financial security.

Interesting note: Gen Z wants to earn at least $80,000 a year.

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coal miner

Millennials aren’t just socially conscious. They care about the environment too. They want to work for a company committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. As a result, they are rarely seen in mining careers.

door-to-door salesperson

As we said before, financial stability is very important for millennials. Door-to-door salespeople can therefore make a profitable living, but their income can fluctuate significantly from month to month. This unpredictability causes great discomfort for many in this age group.

trade worker

Millennials prefer to work with their heads rather than their hands. Their preferred tools are laptops and smartphones, not hammers and wrenches. That means fewer people in this group are becoming mechanics or working in the industry.

full-time taxi driver

Our third-youngest generation (behind Z and Alpha) doesn’t want to work 60 hours a week. This preference does not indicate a poor work ethic. This highlights their desire for work-life balance. Millennials tend to shy away from positions like full-time taxi drivers, as they often require countless hours behind the wheel.

travel agent or data entry clerk

Millennials are constantly tracking (and embracing) technological advancements and can know when a job is on the brink of becoming obsolete. For example, computers and artificial intelligence may soon fulfill the duties of travel agents and data entry clerks perfectly. These positions are not high on their career wish list as this cohort prefers stability, opportunities for advancement and innovation.

Other Things Millennials Avoid

Here are some other traits millennials try to avoid when looking for a job.

location dependent

Millennials don’t like commuting or sitting in private rooms. They want to work from home or another location of their choice. That means jobs that require physical attendance at a fixed location may be out of scope for this generation.

Founder Tom Blake this online world“As someone at the end of the millennial generation, I now prioritize jobs that are flexible with time zones and remote work. I’m sending you my style.”

“During this time, I was a full-time freelancer, but I was also a full-time employee. It was important for us to be able to work in a timely manner,” continues Blake.

Brooks Konkur entrepreneur, agrees with Blake’s opinion and says: For me, commuting is the biggest waste of time.if you need an office [five] Many days a week it’s not the right job for me. I try my best to work together and build teams during the week, but when he goes 9-5 in certain places, it’s a big problem for me. “

discrepancy with values

Millennials generally want to be employed by organizations that value diversity, protect the environment, are socially conscious, and do good in the world. They need to connect with their work and feel fulfilled by it. If that doesn’t apply, the role isn’t right for you.

Konkur says: “I am naturally excited about this job. ”

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