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Why The 2023 Oscars Red Carpet Color Is Champagne Instead Of Red – Variety

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As viewers around the world begin to turn their attention to the 95th Academy Awards, one thing that is sure to surprise viewers is the creative decision to have champagne-colored runners instead of the red carpet. But will this bold choice survive Hollywood’s biggest night crowds? update: It can’t be done, and the backlash is already brewing.

“I think the decision to use the champagne carpet rather than the red carpet shows our confidence that no blood will be spilled,” joked Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel at the unrolling ceremony.

It was the first time since 1961 that the famous Oscars red carpet wasn’t red, and it was one of many big changes made for this year’s awards ceremony, with a new dress code and an Academy Awards ‘crisis’. Includes the addition of a management team.

In an interview with Associated Press Shortly after the carpet was rolled out, Love said, “This is the sunset before golden hour, so I chose this beautiful Sienna, saffron color that is reminiscent of the setting sun.”

However, the change appears to be causing headaches for organizers. Carpets are already muddy as global news crews broadcast and publicists survey the area before talents like Austin Butler, Lady Gaga and Michelle Yeoh arrive. increase.

variety I’ve heard that the designated person won’t notice the spot, as the dirty sections of carpet have to be quickly recut and replaced behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, people online have already held field days pointing out the potential pitfalls of this decision.

In addition to changes like the champagne carpet, other additions implemented by the new carpet team include updating the dress code for staff, press and publicists. The rules were revealed in an email earlier this week, with “design elements in place to highlight candidates and guests,” so everyone off-camera should wear a new dark blue or black dress code. You must comply.

Will the new changes result in higher ratings, or will it just be an uneven footprint? Only time will tell, but candidates and attendees have already commented.

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