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Why You Should Have Fewer Opinions

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I’m throwing out old man rants today.

The world is a fucking fest and I have to say something. Opinions are shit, everyone has an opinion and most of them are shit.

So here’s my argument: people need to be less fucking opinionated.

Fallacy of quantity over quality

In the good old days, people were more humble and respectful that everything wasn’t perfect. Authority was based on qualifications and expertise. I had to earn the right to be heard. But now, thanks to the Internet, everyone is an expert in everything.

The problem is that we are all drowning in information, and this overload confuses the quantity of knowledge with the quality of knowledge. And that’s where we all run into trouble. We pay attention to everything and believe that every opinion deserves consideration.

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The Dunning-Kruger Effect on Steroids: Pervasive Overconfidence

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a psychological phenomenon in which the less knowledge you have about a subject, the more confident you are in your own knowledge. Conversely, the more people know about a subject, the more they doubt their knowledge.

It’s a strange paradox, but it makes sense. The more time we spend on an object, the more we become aware of all that we do not know or understand.

The Internet magnifies the Dunning Kruger effect. Anytime, anywhere, anyone can post anything and anyone can read it. The result is an explosion of overconfidence and misinformation that makes it difficult for people to navigate a sea of ​​opinions.

The Danger of Unprofessional Opinion: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Having an unprofessional opinion is dangerous for two reasons. First, anything you believe can be verified with a Google search. No matter who you are or how crazy your beliefs are, you can find something online that shows you are right.

Second, and more importantly, we are now influencing each other with false views. In the old days, if you believed something strange, you lost. With all the avenues for sharing opinions now, misinformation can spread like wildfire, making it difficult for people to know what to trust.

Tips for Overcoming Uncertainty: Stay sane and always up to date

  1. Find long-form content: Critical issues are complex and nuanced and require detailed analysis to understand. If it takes less than 30-40 minutes to read, you may not be presenting the topic well. Invest time in reading books, watching documentaries, and listening to in-depth podcasts on subjects that interest you.
  2. Be careful with your credentials (but don’t be too careful): Qualifications are important because they represent the time and effort a person has put into studying the subject. However, beware of freaks who go against conventional wisdom just to get attention. There are a certain number of rogue experts on the Internet who defy the majority in order to make a name for themselves. Be insightful.
  3. there is good reason to go against common sense: If you do anything against our policy, you need to think carefully about the consequences and do your homework. Research the subject extensively, read opposing arguments, and make sure your position is well-founded. Don’t just rely on your intuition.

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