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After US Soccer changes Iranian flag on social media, Iran calls for US to be kicked out of 2022 World Cup

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Iran State media called for the United States to be expelled from the United States. 2022 World Cup After the United States Soccer Federation changed the Iranian flag on social media platforms to show support for Iranian protesters.

The federation temporarily displayed the Iranian flag without the Islamic Republic’s coat of arms on its official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. , an Iranian flag with only green, white and red colors was displayed.

US Soccer told CNN on Sunday that it wanted to change its official flag 24 hours a day to show “support for Iranian women fighting for their basic human rights”, but always planned to revert to the original flag. rice field.

The change was “a one-off graphic,” US Soccer told CNN. “There are main flags on our website and elsewhere.” Now back to flag On US Soccer social media channels.

A State Department spokesman told CNN that the sports organization’s decision to change the Iranian flag on its social media accounts to show its support was not coordinated with U.S. Soccer. Iranian protesters.

“I look forward to a peaceful and competitive game on the field. We are continuing to explore,” the State Department told CNN.

A screenshot of the United States Soccer Federation displaying the Iranian flag on social media without the Islamic Republic coat of arms.

Iranian state media reported Sunday that the US should be immediately kicked out of the tournament and given a 10-match suspension for the “distorted image” of the country’s flag.

“By posting a distorted image of the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran on its official account, the US football team has violated the @FIFAcom charter and a 10-match suspension is an appropriate penalty,” said Tasnim, the Iranian state-run state. said. The news agency wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “Team #USA should be kicked out of #WorldCup2022.”

FIFA did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Iran and the United States will face off in an important Group B match on Tuesday. It is a must-win tie for the United States to advance to the knockout stage.

Iran is entering this World Cup in the shadow of domestic turmoil. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk said the country was in a “genuine human rights crisis” as authorities cracked down on dissidents.

Protests and violence, described by experts as the most significant since the establishment of clerical rule after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, have rocked Iran in recent months and kept it in power for more than four decades. It threatens the very nature of the country’s system. .

It was sparked by the death of Masa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who died after being detained by Iran’s moral police for failing to follow Iran’s conservative dress code. has been unleashed.

The latest controversy comes a day after the issue that preceded the two teams’ Group B clash at Doha’s Al Thumama Stadium.

The US soccer decision comes after Jürgen Klinsmann, the former head coach of the US Men’s National Team (USMNT), was accused of being the Iranian manager after Klinsmann’s comments about Iranian culture were branded “outrageous”. It was the same day he said he would try to talk to Carlos Queiroz to “set things down”. remarks. ”

After Iran beat Wales 2-0 on Friday, Klinsmann spoke to the BBC panel about Iran’s attitude towards Queiroz’s football match.

“That’s their culture, that’s their way of doing things, and that’s why Carlos Queiroz fits so well into the Iran national team,” Klinsmann said. “He struggled in South America. led the

“This is no coincidence. This is all intentional. It’s just part of their culture. That’s how they play, they work as referees. The bench jumps all the time, You could always hear the 4th umpire, the linesmen, the 4th umpire working on the sidelines all the time, they were always in front of you on the field.”

Klinsmann has been a manager and critic since retiring from football.

The 1990 World Cup winner continued:

In a tweet on Monday, Klinsmann clarified that his comments were “purely football related.”

“Unfortunately, this is out of the context of football,” he added. I wish them all the best in the tournament.”

On Saturday, Queiroz responded to Klinsmann’s comments on the BBC. series of tweets.

“Even if you don’t know me personally, you question my character with your typical bigotry and good judgment,” Queiroz wrote. remarks about Iranian culture, the Iranian national team and my players are a football shame, no matter how much we respect the I can’t hurt you.”

Keiros added: no problem. Despite your outrageous remarks on the BBC that seek to undermine our efforts, sacrifices and skills, we will not pass judgment on your culture, roots and background and you will always We promise to welcome you to our family. ”

iranian football federation, In the statement Demands an apology from Klinsmann and resigns from FIFA’s Qatar 2022 Technical Study Group position.

CNN reached out to FIFA for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Sunday, Klinsmann said: I call him and try to calm things down. I never criticized Carlos or the Iranian bench. Some even thought I was criticizing the referee because he didn’t do anything about his behavior on the bench.

“All I described was the emotional way they do things, but it’s actually admirable in a way. The whole bench lives the game. is a very emotional coach. He’s always on the sidelines, trying to give his players all the energy and direction.”

The federation invited Klinsmann to the Team Meri camp in Doha to give a “lecture on Persian culture and the value of football and sport for millennials”.

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