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20 Unique Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

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Accent walls first really took off in the early 2000s, but the pop of color was a little too strong, leading some designers to shy away from the concept or, to quote one recent article, put them away. But I stand by most of the internet and say accent walls can still add something worthwhile and interesting, but only if done well. To prove that, we’ve collected a variety of bedroom accent wall ideas that dodge the trend’s grave sin.

  1. Bold use of color without cohesion. The shade you choose should complement your surroundings.
  2. To the only leading role of the room. You want the accent wall to be part of the overall design of the room, rather than the character of the room as a whole.
image provider Jenny Susgum

So Many 20 Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

The list of attacks may be short, but it’s big enough to distract from the pros of accent walls, which are great for faking space in small rooms or creating defined spaces in open-concept areas. Plus, you don’t have to include paint on accent walls. In fact, there are few suggestions for:

Ahead, find 20 bedroom accent wall ideas that incorporate textures, patterns, art, and more to add much-loved depth to the most personal spaces in your home.

midcentury modern accent wall

Bold colors and thoughtful textures mix beautifully in this mid-century inspired DIY project that doubles as a headboard.

literary accent wall

With some streamlined shelving and solid collections, this project put screen Book display.

Natural on Neutral Accent Wall

Neutral macrame artwork adds texture and dimension to the white walls.

image provider Molly Culver, courtesy Meredith Owen interior

Subtle accent wall

It doesn’t have to be an eye-catching color.

Create a canopy bed without a canopy

Use the two curtain rods to drape your fabric of choice to create a fantastic focal point.

easy DIY bed crown

Bring the Regency Era into your child’s bedroom or nursery with our eye-catching cascading bed crown.

chalkboard accent wall

love, simon warmth, acceptance and chalkboard wall You will never find yourself wishing it was in your childhood bedroom.

Note: A sleek black look (and the exact paint used) love, simon), Choose Ben Chalkboard Paint by Benjamin Moore.

Image courtesy: bungalow

slanted accent wall

Add architectural charm and warmth with this DIY wooden sloped wall.

accent ceiling

Draw the eye upwards with a ceiling color that complements your space, but makes a statement of its own.

moody green ceiling

Not ready to give up your neutral walls, but still want to incorporate some popular shades? With painted ceilings, you can have it all. For smaller spaces, consider splurge on some really beautiful paint like this one. Farrow & Ball’s Bancha.

Emphasizing accent

Use contrasting colors to draw attention to architectural elements.


make the most of Revival of the checkered pattern A more neutral interpretation of MacKenzie-Childs-esque patterns.

image provider Molly Culver, courtesy Meredith Owen interior

floor accent wall

Floors can be thought of like walls.and thanks to the wonderful people room on tuesdayYou can also DIY how to heat.

hand painted accent wall

Grab a brush and bring your favorite wallpapers to life for a fraction of the cost.

Accent wall that anyone can easily paint

If you have the brush strokes (and enough patience) you can create this playful mural.

Peel and Stick Accent Wall

The most uncommitted of uncommitted.

image provider Emily Kennedy, courtesy StruckSurred interior

big color small space

Add a geometric pop of color to bring small spaces together.

Accents that complement furniture

This terracotta painted arch Adds a whole new dimension to a simple sideboard.

tiled touch

Wood slats are a go-to for adding depth, while eclectic tiles can be the perfect accent in their own right, between rooms or along bedroom walls.

DIY brick accent wall

The renovation may reveal a beautifully preserved brick wall, but for the most part it remains a blank white wall.Fortunately, there are some unbelievably deceived It offers old-world charm without the history.

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