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Angels acquire Eduardo Escobar in trade with Mets

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Angels acquire Eduardo Escobar in trade with Mets

\n”,”providerName”:”Twitter”,”providerUrl”:”https://twitter.com”,”type”:”oembed”,”width”:550,”contentType”:”rich”},{ “__typename”:”Markdown”,”content”:”Escobar had a career of 162 homers and 621 RBIs in 1,304 games over 13 seasons with the White Sox, Twins, D-backs and Brewers.254/.307/ 435 hitter. and the Mets. He was named an All-Star in his 2021 season and has recently been in form at bat, batting .289/.349/.487 in his last 30 games. \n\nThis player from Venezuela is known for his presence in his clubhouse. \n\nEscobar is thought to play as third baseman until Rendon returns, although he can occasionally substitute at second base or shortstop. In Neto’s absence, the Angels started Andrew Velázquez at shortstop and Luis Renguifo at third base. “,”type”:”text”},{“__typename”:”Video”,”contentDate”:”2023-06-18T20:21:17.422Z”,”preferredPlaybackScenarioURL({\”preferredPlaybacks\”:\”mp4AvcPlayback \”})”:”https://mlb-cuts-diamond.mlb.com/FORGE/2023/2023- 06/18/8fd5d959-925d29da-096c2ad1-csvm-diamondx64-asset_1280x720_59_4000K.mp4″,”type”: “video”,”description”:”Eduardo Escobar makes a great running catch in the final in the top of the eighth”,”displayAsVideoGif”:false,”duration”:”00:00:25″,”slug”:”david- robertson-in-play-out-s-to-brendan-donovan-ruhgdi”,”tags”:[{“__typename”:”InternalTag”,”slug”:”season-2023″,”title”:”Season 2023″,”type”:”season”},{“__typename”:”GameTag”},{“__typename”:”PersonTag”,”slug”:”playerid-500871″,”title”:”Eduardo Escobar”,”person”:{“__ref”:”Person:500871″},”type”:”player”},{“__typename”:”TeamTag”,”slug”:”teamid-121″,”title”:”New York Mets”,”team”:{“__ref”:”Team:121″},”type”:”team”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”highlight”,”title”:”highlight”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”defense”,”title”:”defense”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”in-game-highlight”,”title”:”in-game highlight”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”style”,”title”:”style”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”eclat-feed”,”title”:”Eclat feed”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”international-feed”,”title”:”International Partner feed”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”fan-duel”,”title”:”Fan Duel”,”type”:”taxonomy”}],”thumbnail”:{“__typename”:”Thumbnail”,”templateUrl”:”https://img.mlbstatic.com/mlb-images/image/upload/{formatHandlings}/mlb/s0mjb622ziw6jgpodhza”},”title” :”Eduardo Escobar’s running catch”,”relativeSiteUrl”:”/video/david-robertson-in-play-out-s-to-brendan-donovan-ruhgdi”},{“__typename”:”Markdown” ,”content” : “Brandon Drury and Michael Stefanick are splitting time at second base, and Jared Walsh and Kevin Padro are platooning at first base.\n\nBut the Angels have spaced out Escobar. Expected to release an infielder to make’ a 26-man roster. To make room for Escobar on a 40-man roster, Ursella moved to his IL for 60 days. \n\nRendon’s wrist condition improved on Friday, but an exact schedule for his return is not yet available. The Net Angels, meanwhile, aren’t on the road and are still expected to be out for a few weeks, but the Angels want to take an aggressive stance and have acquired Escobar, who is in the final year of his contract, for $9 million in 2024. It also comes with options. “,”type”:”text”},{“__typename”:”Video”,”contentDate”:”2023-06-16T00:23:34.219Z”,”preferredPlaybackScenarioURL({\”preferredPlaybacks\”:\”mp4AvcPlayback \”})”:”https://bdata-Producedclips.mlb.com/20afcce7-c5db-4be3-83c8-e0ebe04b3503.mp4″,”type”:”video”,”description”:”Anthony Rendon dives Nathan Eovaldi’s pitch in the bottom of the first inning received”,”displayAsVideoGif”:false,”duration”:”00:00:08″,”slug”:”Anthony Rendon hit by pitch – Shohei Ohtani – and – 2nd “,”tag”:[{“__typename”:”InternalTag”,”slug”:”season-2023″,”title”:”Season 2023″,”type”:”season”},{“__typename”:”GameTag”},{“__typename”:”PersonTag”,”slug”:”playerid-543685″,”title”:”Anthony Rendon”,”person”:{“__ref”:”Person:543685″},”type”:”player”},{“__typename”:”TeamTag”,”slug”:”teamid-108″,”title”:”Los Angeles Angels”,”team”:{“__ref”:”Team:108″},”type”:”team”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”eclat-feed”,”title”:”Eclat feed”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”fan-duel”,”title”:”Fan Duel”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”international-feed”,”title”:”International Partner feed”,”type”:”taxonomy”}],”thumbnail”:{“__typename”:”Thumbnail”,”templateUrl”:”https://img.mlbstatic.com/mlb-images/image/upload/{formatstructs}/mlb/nickjrvjbfjyoumuzahm”},”title” :”Anthony Rendon’s HBP”,”relativeSiteUrl”:”/video/anthony-rendon-hit-by-pitch-shohei-ohtani-to-2nd”},{“__typename”:”Markdown”,”content “:”With the acquisition of To Escobar, the Angels let go of two double-A Rocket City right-handers.\n\nThe 23-year-old Marceau is Halos’ third-round pick in the 2021 MLB Draft with a 4.88 ERA and 45 ERA. Striking Out\n\nThe 22-year-old Crowe was selected in the 28th round of the 2019 MLB Draft and pitched 24 innings for the Trashpandas with a 1.88 ERA and 31 strikeouts. 19th ranked prospect in the MLB pipeline, while Marceau was 20th.”,”type”:”text”}],”contentType”:”news”,”subHeadline”:” Halo part with Minor League RHP, top 30 prospects Landon Marceau, Coleman Crowe”,”summary”:”Denver — Veteran Gio Ursera will miss the season with a left pelvis fracture, infielder Anthony Rendon and Zach Neto were placed on the disabled list, the Angels added depth to their infield Friday by acquiring Eduardo Escobar and cash from the Mets in exchange for a minor league deal.”,”tagline({\”formatString \”:\”none\”})”:null,”tags”:[{“__typename”:”InternalTag”,”slug”:”storytype-article”,”title”:”Article”,”type”:”article”},{“__typename”:”ContributorTag”,”slug”:”rhett-bollinger”,”title”:”Rhett Bollinger”,”type”:”contributor”},{“__typename”:”TeamTag”,”slug”:”teamid-108″,”title”:”Los Angeles Angels”,”team”:{“__ref”:”Team:108″},”type”:”team”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”apple-news”,”title”:”Apple News”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”GameTag”,”slug”:”gamepk-717644″,”title”:”2023/06/23 ana@col”,”type”:”game”},{“__typename”:”PersonTag”,”slug”:”playerid-500871″,”title”:”Eduardo Escobar”,”person”:{“__ref”:”Person:500871″},”type”:”player”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”trades”,”title”:”trades”,”type”:”taxonomy”},{“__typename”:”TaxonomyTag”,”slug”:”transactions”,”title”:”transactions”,”type”:”taxonomy”}],”type”:”story”,”thumbnail”:”https://img.mlbstatic.com/mlb-images/image/upload/{formatTeachers}/mlb/rhxcu8hw5xuzfxnpiudf”,”title”:”Angels are Eduardo Get EscobarTrade with Mets”}},”Team:108″:{“__typename”:”Team”,”id”:108},”People:500871″:{“__typename”:”People”,”id “:500871 },”Team:121”:{“__typename”:”Team”,”id”:121},”Personal:543685″:{“__typename”:”Personal”,”id”:543685}}} window.adobeAnalytics = {“reportingSuiteId”:”mlbglobal08,mlbcom08″,”linkInternalFilters”:”mlb”} window.globalState = {“tracking_title”:”Major League Baseball”,”lang”:”en”} window.appId = ”/*–>*/

Halos Partners With Minor League RHP, Top 30 Promises Landon Marceau, Coleman Crowe

6:15 am UTC

With Rendon sidelined with a left wrist contusion and Neto suffering from a left oblique contusion, the Angels are taking their competition seriously this season as they work to strengthen their infield.

“Obviously, our depth is really being tested in the infield,” manager Phil Nevin said after his team lost 4-7 to the Rockies in the series opener at Coors Field. . “He’s a professional. He’s been around for a long time, he’s been through a lot in this game.

“He’s now someone I get a lot of text messages about how great a guy he is and how I want to win, and he’s also a competitor. So I have him here. I look forward to

The 34-year-old Escobar appeared in 40 games for the Mets this season, batting .236/.286/.409 with four homers, three doubles, two triples and 16 RBIs. Although he played primarily at third base, he appeared in nine games at second base and one at shortstop.

Escobar is a .254/.307/.435 hitter with 162 home runs and 621 RBIs in 1,304 games over 13 seasons for the White Sox, Twins, D-Backs, Brewers and Mets. He was named an All-Star in 2021 and has been hot at bat lately, batting .289/.349/.487 in his last 30 games.

The Venezuelan native has been one of the most entertaining players in the majors for years and is known for his clubhouse presence.

Escobar will play third base until Rendon returns, although he could fill in at second base or shortstop on occasion. The Angels started Andrew Velázquez at shortstop and Luis Lengifo at third base during Neto’s absence.

Brandon Drury and Michael Stefanick split time at second base, while Jared Walsh and Kevin Padro formed a platoon at first base.

However, the Angels are expected to release an infielder to make room for Escobar on their 26-man roster. Urscella moved to the 60-day IL to make room for Escobar on a 40-man roster.

Rendon’s wrist improved on Friday, but the exact timing of his return has yet to be determined, while Neto was not on the road and is still expected to be out for a few weeks. But the Angels want to be aggressive and have acquired Escobar in the final year of his contract, with a $9 million option in 2024.

To acquire Escobar, the Angels cut ties with two Double-A Rocket City right-handers.

Marceau, 23, was a third-round pick by Halos in the 2021 MLB Draft, pitching 59 double-A innings with a 4.88 ERA and 45 strikeouts.

Crowe, 22, was drafted in the 28th round of the 2019 MLB Draft and pitched 24 innings for the Trashpandas, striking out 31 with a 1.88 ERA. In the MLB pipeline, Crowe was ranked the club’s No. 19 prospect, while Marceau was No. 20.

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