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Book Review: ‘Good Girls,’ by Hadley Freeman

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“Anorexia is not a desire to be thin, it is a desire to look bad,” she writes. but why? Freeman airs several provocative theories, exploring the idea that anorexia can be viewed as a feminist rejection of all female roles that girls are expected to take on. We don’t want to be sexy, we don’t want to please, we don’t have to say yes all the time,” she wrote. While acknowledging that the research is early and inadequate, I question whether some percent of today’s gender dysphoric girls were yesterday’s anorexic girls, or even whether they appear to have a common root. I am thinking.

At various hospitals, Freeman learned to sneak sit-ups in bathroom stalls and shred meals into piles of crumbs. (She couldn’t chew her food directly until she was 30.)

When Freeman came out of her last hospitalization and attended a special boarding school known as Juku to catch up on the lost years of her education, she changed her name to All You Can Eat. For a year, she asked people around her to call herself “Claire.” Devouring steamed vegetables — I was plagued with self-destructive behaviors, even dangerous ones. And she was taking too many medications on her own, despite the epileptic seizures they caused on a regular basis.

And yet, while she recovered, many — indeed very little — did not. The recovery rate for anorexia is less than 50% for her, and even lower if hospitalization is required. So while Freeman’s subject is nothing new, the problem of anorexia remains. So is the public’s fascination with, in her words, “very thin girls and women.”

When Ms. Freeman went through her ordeal, she encountered all sorts of doctors and received all sorts of explanations for the causes of her illness. One told her it was because she was the first born child in her family. The other is that because I was born by caesarean section, I always try to find the easy way out. But now, in an age of neuroscience authority, researchers are citing brain chemistry more generally as an explanation: Starvation initially causes a drop in serotonin levels, and the milder anorexia sufferers continue to follow. brings the state.

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