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Boston Marathon 2023 LIVE: Updates as Eliud Kipchoge races after bombing remembered on 10-year anniversary

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Reporter’s Note: Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Feels Like Yesterday’

The Boston Marathon, now in its 127th year, brings together the world’s best long-distance runners in the city of Massachusetts to triumph in the world’s oldest annual marathon event.

This year’s edition has a special meaning as it marks the 10th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, a domestic terrorist attack in 2013 that killed three people and injured hundreds. A marathon held in honor of Patriot Day in the United States remembers the bombings and commemorates the fallen in military marches.

Once the memorial service is complete, the men’s, women’s and wheelchair fields will take on the challenging 26.2-mile course where men’s marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge will compete in Boston for the first time.

Many recreational runners then try to survive the course. Around 30,000 people are expected to start the race, with thousands more cheering along the roadside.

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Boston Marathon 2023

After a modest opening 10km, 21 women ran 34:48 on the lead pack.

They are currently racing in single file with Veriso leading.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 15:30


Boston Marathon 2023

Eliud Kipchoge has perfectly set the pace for the men’s elite field after 49 minutes of racing. Kipchoge leads the lead group with just over 11 men.

He came into the marathon with hope and determination to win, and so far I respect the job.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 15:27


Boston Marathon 2023

Susanna Scaroni is also closing out the women’s wheelchair race. She had a 3 minute lead after 20 miles.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 15:22


Boston Marathon 2023

Marcel Hug wins the men’s wheelchair race!

It’s an amazingly dominating performance by the Swiss who broke his own Boston Marathon record. It was his sixth win here and smashing his previous record with his time of 1:17:06, almost a minute faster than his record in 2016.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 15:21


Boston Marathon 2023

American runner Emma Bates is at the forefront of a women’s field that is currently picking up pace, with top 10 marathon finishes in Chicago, New York and the World Championships.

Bates hoped she could compete today.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 15:17


Boston Marathon 2023

Marcel Hug withdrew from last year’s Boston Marathon due to health problems at the last minute.

Today he has a show. At his 24-mile mark in the men’s wheelchair race, Hug is more than two miles ahead of his closest competitor.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 15:16


Boston Marathon 2023


(USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con)

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 15:05


Boston Marathon 2023

Men’s elite races have seen groups of 11 or 12 runners break away at the front of the field. Eliud Kipchoge is one of them and seems to be picking up the pace.

Back at the start, the first wave of amateur runners had just left.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 15:01


Boston Marathon 2023

The only change in the men’s and women’s wheelchair races is when the leaders open.

Marcel Hug’s wheelchair lead is up to six minutes, while Susanna Scaroni leads the women by just 60 seconds at the intermediate stage.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 14:59


Boston Marathon 2023

In sharp contrast to the elite race of men, the elite women have opted for early warning as their modus operandi.

A massive lead pack made it through the first mile in a solid 6:09.

Mike JonesApril 17, 2023 14:56

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