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Cam Whitmore’s post-lottery slide ends, Victor Wembanyama becomes a Spur; pick-by-pick live updates

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Victor Wenbanyama has officially joined the San Antonio Spurs.

After years of anticipation, the French prodigy entered the NBA Thursday night as the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft. As was widely expected, the Spurs named the 7-foot-4 center, but he is expected to switch positions and bring San Antonio back from the draw to NBA fame.

Wenbanyama will follow in the footsteps of fellow #1 overall picks David Robinson and Tim Duncan in San Antonio. The two players teamed up to lead the Spurs to five-time NBA championships and were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Spurs fans won’t have to wait long to see him. Head coach Gregg Popovich confirmed Wenbanyama will play in a summer league game after being nominated.

“We are discussing what he should do,” Popovich told reporters. … “He’s going to be in Summer League. To what extent is yet to be seen.”

The Hornets acquired Alabama’s Brandon Miller with the No. 2 pick, picking a 6-9 forward over G League Ignite guard Scoot Henderson. The Portland Trail Blazers then jumped at the chance to draft a player widely regarded as the No. 2 pick in the draft, picking Henderson with the No. 3 pick.

Follow our pick-by-pick live updates, analysis and stats on Yahoo Sports below.

what: NBA Draft, two rounds of 58 total picks (2 picks stripped for tampering rule violations)
where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn
when: Thursday 8:00 PM ET
tv set: ABC (1st round only); ESPN (1st and 2nd rounds)

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver poses for a photo with first-round NBA draft picks at the Barclays Center in New York on June 23, 2023. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

What you need to know about the 2023 NBA Draft

Follow live updates, picks and analysis from the 2023 NBA Draft

The Complete Order of the 2023 NBA Draft

1st round

1. San Antonio Spurs: Victor Wenbanyama, C, France
2. Charlotte Hornets: Brandon Miller, F, Alabama
3. Portland Trail Blazers: Scoot Henderson, G, G League Ignite
4. Houston Rockets: Armen Thompson, G Overtime Elite
5. Detroit Pistons: Orser Thompson, G, Overtime Elite
6. Orlando Magic: Anthony Black, G, Arkansas
7. Washington Wizards (over Pacers): Bilal Koulibaly, F, France
8. Indiana Pacers (via Wizards): Jarace Walker, F, Houston
9. Utah Jazz: Taylor Hendricks, F, UCF
10. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Mavericks): Kayson Wallace, G, Kentucky
11. Orlando Magic (from Bulls): Jet Howard, G, Michigan
12. Dallas Mavericks (Thunder): Derek Lively II, C, Duke
13. Toronto Raptors: Grady Dick, G, Kansas
14. New Orleans Pelicans: Jordan Hawkins, G, UConn
15. Atlanta Hawks: Michigan, G, Kobe Buffkin
16. Utah Jazz (from Timberwolves): Kiyonte George, G, Baylor
17. Los Angeles Lakers: Jalen Hood- Schiffino, G, Indiana
18. Miami Heat: Jaime Jaquez Jr., F, UCLA
19. Golden State Warriors: Brandin Podziemski, G, Santa Clara
20. Houston Rockets (from Clippers): Cam Whitmore, G, Villanova
21. Brooklyn Nets (from Phoenix): Noah Clowney, F, Alabama
22. Brooklyn Nets: Darik Whitehead, G, Duke
23. Portland Trail Blazers (from New York): Chris Murray, F, Iowa
24. Dallas Mavericks (from Kings): Olivier Maxence Prosper, F, Market
25. Detroit Pistons (from the grizzlies via celtics): Marcus Susser, G, Houston
26. Indiana Pacers (from Cleveland): Ben Shepard, F, Belmont
27. Charlotte Hornets (Denver via New York, Oklahoma City): Nick Smith Jr., G, Arkansas
28. Utah Jazz (Philadelphia via Brooklyn): Bryce Sensabo, F, Ohio
29. Denver Nuggets (Reported trade with Indiana via Boston): Julian Strouser, F, Gonzaga
30. Los Angeles Clippers (from Milwaukee via Houston): Kobe Brown, F, Missouri

2nd round

31. Boston Celtics (from Pistons): James Nagy, C, FC Barcelona (Spain), Nigeria
32. Denver Nuggets (Reported trade with Indiana via Houston): Jalen Pickett, G, Pennsylvania
33. Minnesota Timberwolves (from San Antonio Spurs): Leonard Miller, F, G League Ignite
34. Sacramento Kings (reported transactions with the Celtics via Charlotte): Colby Jones, G, Xavier
35. Chicago Bulls (Reported trade with Wizards via BostonPortland, Atlanta, Clippers, Detroit, Cleveland): Julian Phillips, F, Tennessee
36. Milwaukee Bucks (via Orlando Magic): Andre Jackson Jr., G, UConn
37. Denver Nuggets (traded and reported via Oklahoma City, Washington and New Orleans): Hunter Tyson, F, Clemson
38. Boston Celtics (from Sacramento via Indiana): Jordan Walsh, F, Arkansas
39. Boston Celtics (From Charlotte, Utah, via New York): Mohamed Guyet, F, Washington
40. Los Angeles Lakers (traded and reported via Indiana Pacers, Dallas, Oklahoma City): Maxwell Lewis, F, Pepperdine
41. Charlotte Hornets (from Oklahoma City via New York and Boston): Amari Bailey, G, UCLA
42. Washington Wizards (from Chicago, via Los Angeles Lakers, Washington): Tristan Vukcevic, F, Serbia
43. Portland Trail Blazers (from Atlanta): Rayan Rupert, G, France
44. San Antonio Spurs (from Toronto): Sidi Sissoko, G, G League Ignite
45. Memphis Grizzlies (from Minnesota): GG Jackson, F, South Carolina
46. ​​Atlanta Hawks (from New Orleans): Seth Randy, G, Pennsylvania
47. Indiana Pacers (trade report with Lakers): Mojave King, G, G League Ignite
48. Los Angeles Clippers: Jordan Miller, F, Miami
49. Cleveland Cavaliers (Golden State via Utah, New Orleans): Emoni Bates, G, East Michigan
50. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Miami via Boston, Memphis and Dallas): Keyontae Johnson, F, Kansas
51. Brooklyn Nets: Jalen Wilson, F, Kansas
52. Phoenix Suns: Tumani Kamala, F, Dayton
53. Minnesota Timberwolves (New York via Charlotte): Jalen Clarke, G, UCLA
54. Sacramento Kings: Jalen Slawson, F, Furman
55. Indiana Pacers (from Cleveland via Milwaukee and Detroit): Isaiah Wong, G, Miami
56. Memphis Grizzlies: Tariq Biberovic, F, Türkiye
— Stripped of nominations by Chicago
— Stripped of pick by Philadelphia
57. Golden State Warriors (Washington to Boston via Charlotte): Trace Jackson Davis, G, Indiana
58. Milwaukee Bucks: Chris Livingston, G, Kentucky

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