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Contraband Police review: What if Papers, Please had a gun?

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I’m a tough border guard smuggling police, and I serve as the last line of defense between the great nation of Akaristan and the vicious smugglers and arms dealers. A few simple tools are given. A folder full of rules, a flashlight, a clipboard, and perhaps most usefully a gun.it’s a lot like indie darling thesis pleasebut has to leave his post from time to time to enact laws and shoot criminals.

smuggling police It’s a bit clunky, but very engaging, and the game is a surprise hit on Steam. My corrupt predecessor got kicked out of work and my new co-worker is a bit of a jerk.Have to open the trunk and hood of the car, search the front grill for cigarettes, and find a pottery chicken filled with drugs. yeah. Meanwhile, my colleagues are enjoying a nice smoking break.

It is a game that easily falls into a fugue state. I woke up in my tiny little camper van to find a line of cars waiting to enter the border. Call each person and check the driver’s paperwork to make sure they meet the regulations. This game likes to throw curveballs when I’m most relaxed. A man could enter Akaristan at high speed past the border checkpoint. Or when a band of rebels ambushes my post and the border crossing becomes a battlefield, my colleagues are finally helpful.

Image: CrazyRocks/PlayWay SA

This is why I have the most powerful management tool: guns. I start with a humble service pistol, but can upgrade to shotguns, submachine guns, and sniper rifles over the course of the campaign. Anyway, the real art of Border Patrol for pro gamers is to approach a guy and aggressively poke him with a pitchfork or shovel until he quietly crumples up.

smuggling police It also keeps me away from my posts from time to time. My boss may call me to help with an urgent matter. There they can make up for the crime of having flasks in cars by mining ore for no pay.

The game’s shooting and driving mechanics feel very buoyant, and you’re rarely outdone by the competition as long as you’re hiding under some kind of cover every once in a while. But that’s not what the game is about either. It’s a main course side dish that makes some border stops.

Sometimes, when I’m processing a man’s paperwork, he tells me a story of sobbing. “Oh my dear ones are in Alkalistan and their lives are in danger!” Let it pass and get a fine from the boss? is not.

Image: Crazy Rocks/PlayWay SA

Also, you have to pay to upgrade everything and you don’t exactly earn competitive wages. So I’m really motivated to look over everyone’s cars with a fine-toothed comb. Sometimes people offer me bribes, but I don’t accept them. But no one cares if I trade contraband with other drivers. Diversifying my sources of income is important, so I have a small side job. With enough work, my little camper can be upgraded into a nice home. There is a tin tub for bathing and some state approved posters.

The game now has a month-long in-game campaign that regularly presents players with a choice — whether they will remain loyal to their glorious Akaristan, or throw off their shackles and become an insider. Will you choose to become or for the rebellion? Developer he Crazy Rocks is working on an endless mode with more paperwork and police ranks and we are looking forward to this. The campaign can be completed in a few sessions, punctuated by some fun choices — but I’m hungry to keep my contraband in check.

smuggling police Available on Steam for $16.99 (down from $19.99). Since then, the game has averaged over 4,000 reviews, which he says are “extremely positive,” and has sold over 250,000 copies.

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