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Damian Lillard’s Instagram Live ‘just a coincidence’ with Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ song, agent says

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Portland star Damian Lillard was seen smiling and laughing to the beat of Will Smith’s famous song “Miami” on Friday’s Insta Live in a 45-second clip of captured video. caught a virusIt was natural to wonder if he was sending some kind of message to the Trail Blazers about a possible trade to the Miami Heat.

However, his agent, Aaron Goodwin, chose to clarify the scene and explain the situation. The Athletic on friday night. As Goodwin put it, Lillard is currently on a “working holiday” in Paris and was probably in the club at the time when the DJ decided to downplay the uncertain and previously documented situation.

“Music was just a coincidence,” said Goodwin. The Athletic. “Damien is not rude. It’s a funny coincidence that a would play this.”

Goodwin said Lillard’s live coverage totaled about 15 minutes. The “Miami” track didn’t stop there, the DJ also played Whitney Houston’s classic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” which includes the lyric “I wanna Feel the Heat with somebody.”

But don’t get me wrong. The voracious online appetite for clues about Lillard’s mental state stems from a very real situation.

The seven-time All-Star’s future at Portland has been uncertain for quite some time, and if he were to ask for a trade, the Heat would be the frontrunners to acquire him. known for a long time. Add in the fact that the video was released hours after the NBA Draft, and the Trail Blazers have acquired dynamic young talent in Scoot Henderson and Chris Murray, but star-level veterans known to covet Lillard. There was no single backer, and there was a wide range of social opinion. The media speculated that the video was Lillard’s iPad.

After all, it was a DJ enjoying a little late-night fun at his own expense, Goodwin said.

(Photo: Lim Subun/USA Today)

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