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Giants, Michael Conforto Agree To Two-Year Deal

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Giants and outfielders Michael Conforto Agreed to a two-year, $36 million contract. Conforto can opt out after the first season. The deal is pending physical. He is represented by Boras Corporation.

Conforto, who turned 30 in March, was arguably the best upside play remaining in the free agency market, based on his impressive performances from 2017 to 2020. He missed the 2022 season entirely due to shoulder surgery.

From 2017 to 2020, Conforto appeared in 467 games with the Mets and hit 97 home runs. His 24.4% strikeout rate was slightly above average, but his 12.7% walk rate was well above par. His overall offensive power resulted in a .265/.369/.495 batting average, which was 33% above the league average in wRC+. His 133 he wRC+ was in the top 25 among all eligible hitters in baseball at the time.

In 2021, Conforto production fell, especially in the power sector. He had hit only 14 home runs in 125 games after hitting 27 or more in the past three seasons. He finished his year in .232/.344/.384 his slash. This was his wRC+ of 106, so he was a little above average, but a noticeable drop from his previous form. Despite this sluggish year, the Mets were comfortable presenting him with his $18.4MM qualifying offer, which Conforto reluctantly declined.

He entered free agency looking for a lucrative multi-year offer, but did not secure it before the December 1st lockout. Given his uncertain health and his obsession with forfeiting draft picks for refusing a qualifying offer, it is unlikely that he will secure an important contract. It was not possible. After the draft passes and he’s no longer tied to penalties of any kind, teams are considering signing him to a short-term deal in hopes that his shoulder will recover enough to support stretch runs. There were rumors that it was, but it never came to fruition.

Conforto then entered this offseason as a high-risk, high-reward play. He missed the season entirely and has had a poor record in 2021, but before that he was one of the best hitters in baseball. MLBTR Prediction He signed a one-year, $15 million deal, proved his fitness, and returned to free agency after a year, hoping for a more lucrative contract. Said His client would be looking for a two-year contract with an opt-out similar to the one he negotiated. Carlos Rodon and the Giants. The situation was somewhat similar, as Rodon was also a very talented player with health problems.However, he Safe Given his greater uncertainty on a two-year, $44 million deal with the Giants, it seemed like Conforto would have to settle for something less. He definitely got the contract he wanted, proving once again that the Giants are a team willing to give him the opt-out he wants. As expected, Conforto got lower guarantees than Rodon, but he’s doing quite well himself in that he gets a higher salary than expected.

Despite Conforto’s uncertain status, he proved to be very popular this offseason. , was hooked up with him at various points during the offseason. Some of these clubs ended up dealing with the outfield alongside other players, but clubs that still had upgrade designs left limited options on the open market. The top unsigned free agent outfielder is Jurickson Profer, David Peralta, Trey Mancini When AJ Pollock.

For the Giants, they looked like they were going to get aggressive this offseason. They will follow up on his 107-win campaign in 2021, and in 2022 he will finish a disappointing 81-81. Connected to marquee free agents such as Aaron Judge And the “Big Four” shortstop: Carlos Correa, trea turner, xander bogaerts When Dansby SwansonFarhan Zaidi, president of the baseball division, did little to disappoint. media to convey “From a financial standpoint, no one is going to be beyond our capabilities,” he said at the beginning of the offseason.

The club’s early offseason seemed to revolve around chasing judges and clubs reportedly Offered him a $360 million contract, but eventually secured and accepted the same guarantee from the Yankees. The Giants then pivoted to Correa, agreed He signed a 13-year, $350 million contract that collapsed in an unprecedented fashion.Giants flagged something in Correa’s medical, later suspended report The official signing was postponed just as it was announced to become his right foot. San Francisco Chronicle’s Ron Kroichik Correa even reported starting home shopping with her family in the area. However, his health concerns were enough that he was able to cancel his contract and secure a 12-year $315 million deal. handle with the Mets shortly thereafter.

With all other top free agents already off the board, there was no road left for the Giants to make the big splash many expected. did his best as a free agent. But there’s a certain absurdity about clubs stepping into a public relations nightmare by letting Correa escape at the last second.The biggest free-agent splash of the two was Conforto, who missed the entire 2022 season. . Mitch Hanigermaking only two appearances in 100 games during the season due to various injuries.

Regardless of optics, the Giants reportedly We considered adding two outfielders this offseason, and we did. Conforto has played in center field in the past, but has not played since 2019.The Giants probably saw Confort and Haniger in the corner, center field Mike Yastrzemski When Austin Slaterit probably pushes Lamonte Wade Jr. spend more time at first base and potentially in platoons JD Davisif the club faces a loss brandon belt.

Assuming an even distribution of the money, the deal would bring the club’s salary up to $181 million. Roster resourceThat’s well over last year’s opening day salary of $154 million. Cotto’s baseball contract, which in the past exceeded $200 million. Their $197 million competitiveness balance tax calculation is also well below the $233 million luxury tax threshold. If they have their eye on further additions, that could leave them with room to maneuver.

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale It first reported that the two sides had agreed to a $36 million deal over two years. ESPN’s Buster Olney First pointed out the opt-out clause.

Image credit: USA Today Sports.

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