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Heavy Drinkers Have Greater Tolerance, Right? Not So Much

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This is a common dramatic metaphor. Steel-eyed people face each other in drunken duels, usually ending with someone passing out on the floor, but their opponents seem relatively upbeat about victory.research done by University of Chicago But hardy heavy drinkers turned out to be mostly movie-friendly myths. Study author Andrea King said the study “supported it a bit, but there are a lot of nuances.” news release. “When they drank alcohol in doses similar to their normal drinking pattern in our study, we found significant impairments in both fine motor and cognitive tests. It was an even bigger obstacle than the dose.”

This research Alcohol: clinical and experimental studiesThe social component of drinking also creates, in King’s words, a “double-edged sword” effect, in which interaction between light drinkers and heavy drinkers increases cravings for the latter group, leading to further drinking. It also corroborates previous findings by the same group that it can. , even though consumption caused an increase in impairments. The researchers looked at three groups of 20-somethings categorized by how much they drank: light drinkers (up to 6 drinks a week, no binge eating) and social heavy drinkers (10 drinks a week, sometimes binge eating). ), and groups with alcohol use disorders (28 or more drinks per week, frequent binge eating).

People in the latter AUD group had less disability than the other groups after 4-5 drinks, almost reaching the DUI threshold, but equally severe after a few more drinks. A fault has occurred. “In fact, the disturbance was ‘more than double’ that experienced after consuming an intoxicating small amount of alcohol,” he said. health line. And three hours later they were still disabled. “Furthermore, AUD people had greater impairments after consuming large amounts of alcohol than light drinkers experienced after drinking small amounts.” (Read more stories in the scientific study.) .)

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